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August 30 2010

Mary’s Cosmetic Dentistry Success

Every Thursday, I play tennis with friends. It’s quite a fun event; a group of people of all different ages all get together and we play a sport we love. There are about 10 teams (11 depending on the season) and we have a round robin type tournament. Our team was called the “Rough Diamonds”. I don’t know who came up with that name but safe to say we had some hidden talent on our team. There was quite a bit of diversity in our team. Dave, who was 50, was our oldest member. I was 20. When we played doubles, he had the skill and I had the speed.

Our captain is who I want to talk about. She would kill me if she knew I was writing about her. She was around 25 and pretty successful. She had a degree, straight out of uni, but she’d gotten it during the Global Financial Crisis. She worked at a supermarket and came to play Tennis to unwind. She would rant guys who would wolf-whistle at her when she was taking a break.  She got so much attention because she was pretty toned, despite not going to the gym at all.

After the Summer season, I was pretty rusty. Walking into the courts, I greeted my team members, one by one. When I saw my captain, I jaw hit the ground. I pulled my jaw back up off the ground and she said, “I finally went through with the whole cosmetic dentistry procedure. What do you think?” I flushed in embarassment for being so blatant with my surprise so quickly recovered by asking her, “Why? Your smile was pretty as it was.” (Yeah, I was a bit of a cheeky kid. She always called me the baby for being the youngest).

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She went on to explain that she had actually been struggling with common things throughout her entire life but particular during her teenage years as she went through puberty. Her grandmother had an underbite too. It skipped a generation and then she was born with it. When she spoke particular words sounded off because her tongue would hit the roof of her mouth. I never noticed.

Another problem she had was not eating properly; her bottom molars wouldn’t grind with her top ones. Me and another team mate, Bob, thought she looked better beforehand. She pouted and said, “I just said, I didn’t do it for the looks.” We shut our mouths quickly. We knew she could get pretty firey. Over the next few weeks, we forgot what she looked like before hand and accepted that this was the “new” her.

Her underbite is no longer a problem to her. She can speak and eat fine. She’s happy and we’re happy for her. She said that doing the cosmetic dentistry surgery was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.