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August 03 2010

Manufacturer Leads With Green

Manufacturing businesses are not widely credited with being the country’s leading environmentalists. Frequently, the manufacturing processes necessary to create their products, and to employ their labor base, end up in the generation of damaging pollutants, wastewater, scrap manufacturing waste product which is sent to dumping stations, and the general post manufacturing, or post employee, trash. In this enlightened time of consumer interest in responsible and “green” production, there are some manufacturers who have taken their environmental philosophies seriously, and created new Company policy.

Sassy Scrubs, manufacturer and e-tailer of custom created medical scrubs and doctor’s scrub uniforms, has consciously made the decision not to join the ranks of ecological polluters. Their Company Policy is basic and double edged. Don’t produce environmental pollutants and save and re-use materials whenever possible.

This philosophy has in turn created a satisfying and unique relationship with their supporters. Company President, Karen Bradley, explains “We refuse to generate a print catalog for our scrubs and uniforms, which will generate enormous amounts of paper waste and a wasteful use of energy resources to create and disseminate. We include new uniform options for our customers so often, that distribution of a paper catalog would require us to distribute frequent catalogs, depleting our wood resources and using inks and other products which are environmentally damaging.”

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Rather, the Company offers their entire product line of scrubs on their website and update it on a regular basis, often each day. “This policy allows us to have available the most updated choices for our clients, and keeps post production catalog waste out of our local landfills and waterways.” states Bradley. Since the manufacturer’s clients are predominantly nurses, Bradley feels their customer base understands and appreciates this commitment to the environment. “Our customers appreciate that we are striving to help maintain a healthy environment by refusing to be responsible for deforestation and contamination of our waterways and they temper their desire for a physical catalog with the ability to view our current line of hospital scrubs right on their own computer.”

With ecologically friendly policies influencing the way in which they do business, manufacturing companies like Sassy Scrubs can help make a significant impact on the reduction of pollutants in our environment.  Educated and supportive consumers help to support these actions, and take advantage of the greener world these manufacturers hope to create.