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February 24 2011

Making the most of your dental work

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As more and more people become aware of them, dental implants are fast becoming the first choice for replacement teeth. Below are some common questions that will help you learn about them, too.

Are implants like dentures?

Dental implants are commonly titanium implants that are placed within the jaw to support artificial crowns. Their purpose is to replace lost teeth. The most common type of implants is the Endosteal or Root form implant that resembles the root of a tooth. Other types include Subperiosteal, Transosteal, Plate-form, Intra-mucosal etc. Dental implants are a suitable alternative to conventional dental bridges, which are placed after preparation of the adjacent teeth. 

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Do they look appealing? And are they easy to use?

If the procedure is a success and proper healing of the gums around the implant has taken place they are highly esthetic and looks completely natural. The outcome is mostly based on how skilled the Vancouver dental implant dentist is, and how he completes his work. Once the final prosthesis or crown is placed proper chewing can be done. Some experts say up to 90% of the chewing efficiency of natural teeth can be restored with dental implants.

Are dental implants costly?

Since the placement of the implant includes the cost of surgery, the implant, the final crown, radiographs including CT (if needed) etc, the overall cost can be higher than other procedures. It can vary from one dentist to another and can depend on the type of procedure being done. Ask an Irving implant dentistry specialist for further information regarding the cost. He will be glad to provide you with an estimate.

Do implants ever fail? 

Depending on the health of the recipient, and if there is a significant amount of bone loss, some implants can come loose, and require removal. Implants cannot be placed in every individual. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your oral hygiene status and only then will he recommend an implant. If you are considering placing an implant your oral hygiene must be meticulous. Dental implants cannot undergo dental decay. But the gums surrounding the implant can undergo inflammation, resulting in Perimplantitis. If this condition progresses without treatment the implant will fail.

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