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May 31 2011

Loose Teeth Discovered – Reasons, Outcomes, and Remedies

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When you have never heard about what a loose teeth condition means, then you definitely ought to be very alarmed.  This is because you may be that great symptoms but you are totally unacquainted with it.  When assumed or disregarded, loose teeth may eventually create a gum disease.  Take note that a gum disease is a higher form of an oral problem that can totally create a malfunction inside your overall lifestyle.  In this context, we should be in a position to be aware of nature of loose teeth and the way can you prevent it before it hits you.

Basically, the most frequent factors behind loose teeth would revolve around poor dental health. From this, we imply that loose teeth can occur unless you take care of your mouth.  Irresponsible acts for example forgetting to cleanse your teeth regularly could possibly be the start of agony.  Remember that when and we don’t clean our teeth, gums, and the other parts in our cavity, infection may begin to infiltrate inside system which will later cause plaque.  These clusters of bad bacteria will infect every part of our mouth area; hence we go through swollen gums, pain and loose teeth among others.

Other causes for loose teeth will be the loosening of the gums.  The gums actually work as a support system for our teeth.  It helps our set of teeth stay intact and function properly.  If we compare it to some plant, the gums would function as the roots to a plant to keep it firm.  Once this support system loosens, one’s teeth will lose its feeling of firmness, thus becoming loose in the act.  Malocclusion could also trigger loose teeth.  However, this particularly concerns the mechanism of the teeth during chewing.  There are lots of factors that could cause this so that it could be better to consult your dentist for a checkup.

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What are the common symptoms of loose teeth?  When you have events such as halitosis or having foul breath, bleeding and swelling of gums and difficulty in eating (particularly while chewing), then consult your dentist to check if you have already loose teeth.  As you’ve got noticed, loose teeth can generally occur once the other parts supporting one’s teeth are malfunctioning.

How can I cure loose teeth then?  Well, as opposed to asking how to heal it first, it would be easier to learn how to prevent it.  The food that you eat can dictate if you will experience loose teeth.  In this case, make an effort to consume foods rich in Ascorbic acid and calcium.  Avoid eating sweet foods and go to your dentist regularly.  When you might be already in it, another highlight is Natural Treatment for Loose Teeth. You can mix half a teaspoon of mustard oil and ½ tsp of table salt and use it as an ointment to your teeth.  A ½ tsp turmeric powder+ ½ tsp salt + ½ tsp mustard mixture can be utilized too.  Just make certain you have the approval of the dentist and you’re all set.