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June 10 2010

Local Woman Dons Vampire Teeth At Dentist

Here’s another tooth doctor who left a bad taste in the mouth of one of his patients. This time, the victim was a 64-year-old woman who hoped to amend her appearance with a little bridgework according to cosmetic dentist Cleveland.  

But Denise Wright got more than what she bargained for. She ended up looking like the Bride of Dracula instead. Worse, the bad dental work was performed by her long-time dentist who practices at the North Hill Dental Surgery in Colchester, Essex, England. The substandard work left Wright with pointed teeth and made chewing and feeding difficult. 

“I looked like the Bride of Dracula. I could not eat. I could not chew. They (my teeth) were so uncomfortable,” she told government. 

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“Wright told the hearing that the work looked so bad she sobbed, and in all probability to see Jeremy Beadle, the telecasting prankster who died, to turn up after the treatment,” reported Stephen Adams of the Telegraph.Co.UK. 

But the late prankster never materialized and Wright knew her dentist had committed a very serious mistake. What happened to her was real. At the hearing in London, Dr. Philip Burger was apologetic and admitted his wrongdoing. 

“I have learnt a lot. I have learnt from my mistakes and unfortunately put her through straining. It is not just Mrs. Wright. I have not slept in three years,” the South African said. He arrived in England in 2002 and began his practice in 2004. 

Wright approached Burger for crowns and to improve her bridgework. Instead of removing the flawed bridgework, Burger said he well-tried to alter it while it was still cemented to Wright’s mouth. He said he was hoping to save it since no one else could use it. 

“That involved grinding down the new fixtures so much that it exposed the bare metal. But still she could not close her teeth properly,” Adams said. 

“I would not say I was 100 percent with this case. I could have done better, tint wise and fit wise,” Burger said. 

Wright reportedly wrote to Burger to complain about the work but two months passed before he answered her. “We all make mistakes. I have made mistakes and we are here to rectify that,” he said.