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January 21 2010

Learning How to Overcome Your Kids’ Dental Anxiety

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One of the most common human anxieties of all times is dental anxiety.  I may say that almost everyone had undergone this stage way back since childhood.  The mere fact that whenever we hear dentist, dental, or any term of its similarities, we already have a mindset that indicates pain and it is not just pain that we are talking about here. We are talking about memorable pain.  We even tell our painful stories to our children or to any kids younger than us.  I myself do this but without highlighting the real pain in the experience.  I told my kids how every tooth was extracted by different dentists and I shared how I exited each dental session with every dentist that I have encountered.

So being a parent who wants to help his or her kids overcome this dental anxiety during their dental visits, you can start with moral support, where you accompany them in their dental visits, just making them feel secure by being visible inside the clinic until the session is over.  You can also make motivating gestures for them to feel comfortable. Having your own family dentist really helps a lot.  If your kids know that your family dentist is a family friend, it reduces the dental anxiety and there are even times that dental anxiety will not occur because of the existing family relationship.  The relationship helps a lot in minimizing dental anxiety.  Relationship alone entices kids to open up regarding their fears.  This way, the dentist is alerted and provided hints on how to handle the kid during the session with the specific fear disclosed.  If there is no family dentist available, you can get recommendations from your friends or relatives who can refer a supportive dentist for your kids that will help you overcome the dental anxiety problem.  It is better to have a shortlist of dentists that will serve as a stand by until your kids feel at ease in their dental sessions.  Good relationship also leads to good communication and at the same time, reduces the apprehension to the extent of eliminating dental anxiety of kids.

In terms of alleviating pain in every session, take note that dentistry alone has innovated so much.  Their sedation techniques now are provided by bundles of choices where the patients are now free to choose what sedation technique they would like to be conducted in their session. Having sedation procedures more adaptable to kids’ ages, the innovative techniques are now more appropriate and less afflictive.

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Aside from the scientific advancement of dentistry, psychological interventions have also helped in the reduction of dental anxiety. In order to distract children’s focus on the pain-inflicting instruments dentists use, music audio is now made available at dental clinics.  Another one is the behavioral psychotherapy where the parents help their children in reducing that dental anxiety by scheduling regular meetings or sessions with their family dentists. This pychological intervention includes frequency and fmiliarity as basic variables.

Dental anxiety is just now of the most common anxieties we have our lives but you can actually witness how science moves in to help us out face these kinds of fears.  Our team of Ft. Lauderdale dentists provide a fine selection of information with regard to dental anxiety and how it is appropriately dealt with.  You can visit for details.