Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 03 2010

Laser Teeth Bleaching – The Pros and Cons

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Lasers in the dental field are used for teeth decay, diseases of the gum, lesion and biopsy removal and at last in teeth whitening. In the whitening of the teeth, the laser is used to activate by the energy emanating from the laser the peroxide bleaching solution that is put to the surface of the tooth or teeth. The laser is basically used to speed up the whole teeth whitening process unlike the slow process of using other means of teeth whitening.


Laser teeth bleaching does wonders to the teeth and those who have used the laser to meet their teeth whitening end have an experience of a whiter teeth than they ever imagined. The peroxide solution is a strong agent that receives its final energy from the laser and this is quite a plus for a dental tool because it simply gets the job done.

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The bleaching or whitening by laser works well in meeting its client’s convenience since it is speedy. Very few folks, if any, want a remedy or tooth whitener that takes longer than is necessary. With the laser they are assured that the matter will be done with in a shorter while than they also expect and this is where a plus for the laser lies.

On a wider scope, with whitened teeth one can be assured that he or she will no longer be a social outcast because there is something simply magical about smiling, sparkling white teeth.

One other know pro is the fact that since it is speedy it also heightens both the comfort and confidence of the clients. Laser teeth bleaching are therefore a comforter of sorts and this should not be downplayed.


The most important con about laser teeth bleaching is the fact that some folks who used it have been known to show some sensitivity to the laser rays. This has always necessitated more gum problems and long lasting dental complications.

Laser teeth bleaching are also expensive and this has caused many folks to miss out on the opportunity.

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