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January 11 2012

Laser Technology – Know Why You Deserve Comfortable Dental Care

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More and more dentists are leaning toward the laser because of its proven accuracy in delicate dental procedures. In a way, laser technology in dentistry was at first lacking in some areas like dealing with hard tissues in the mouth. Almost anything is now possible with lasers and in a convenient and medically safe manner. Further your knowledge on dentistry at teeth implants.

With fast improving laser technology, patients need not worry about needles and drills anymore. Pressure on the affected tissue is what causes pain, but with lasers, the laser beam effortlessly breaks the specific tissue that needs to be cut. Lasers work quietly and don’t become hot, which is why patients feel comfortable.

Metal filling procedures are somehow still the function of drills as lasers are not yet ready for that at this point. With mercury present in metal fillings, there is the risk of the mercury filling reflecting back into the eyes of the dentist. As mercury is vaporized by the laser, a poisonous gas is emitted. The same results happen when using lasers on gold inlays.

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The new laser has a two fold function. Lasers cut through hard tissue with precision by aiming at each specific molecule. With a narrow wavelength, a high degree of collimation and coherence, the laser beam can be adjusted to zero in only on the spots that are targeted so that no collateral damage is done. The first laser has a built in mechanism for increasing power to destroy decayed tissue and decreasing power to retain healthy tissue. If you like this article on dentistry visit receding gums for more education.

The second laser is a special laser primarily intended for more gentle procedures on delicate soft tissues on the gum and tongue areas. To make the procedure gentle for the patient, its beam can be set to an energy level required by the procedure and the soft tissue to be fixed. This breakthrough can indeed give rise to a tooth full society. When it comes to perfect oral health, you can leave everything to the laser, less the heat, noise and anesthetics.

According to leading dental practitioners, there is no better option than the high tech laser, at least for now. The drill will, however, still be needed for as long as people have old mercury fillings even with the benefits that the laser offers. It is an all around machine that is great to use on teeth that have no old mercury fillings. Since old fillings still exist, dentists still need the conventional drill to work on decays arising from these fillings.