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October 05 2010

Lab Coats

Lab coats are generally white.  Lab coats are boring.  Lab coats are white, boring and unimaginative.  Isn’t that right?  No way!  In reality, they certainly do not have to be!  With options for custom made Lab Coats, your jacket can be constructed from any number of different colorful materials. Design your own lab coat from a tropical blue solid fabric or a hot rod print fabric, a dog and cat themed fabric, or soft, special linen.  In any case, you’ll adore it and it will certainly be neither boring nor unimaginative.   Choose a fabric to show off your personality, catch an appreciative look from a co-worker and enjoy yourself a little bit.  Select a fun scrub uniform print fabric or bright solid color fabric for your new Lab Coat and add a touch of fun to your day.  Unquestionably not white.  Definitely not boring.

Require a Lab Coat but require a special length?  Not a problem!  Custom made Lab Coats are available in custom lengths to fit your unique needs.  Select a colorful material to personalize your Lab Coat to match your work environment or match your personality.  With options for men’s and ladies’ lab coats, you’ll receive a unique lab coat which fits you just the way you want.  You deserve a lab coat which works for you and fits your style.  Order your Lab Coat with options, fit and personality all combined into one with custom length, custom fabric and custom garment options.

Sporting a Lab Coat in the size and length to fit you, combined with a patient friendly fabric, helps you to connect with your patients.  The professional look of your Lab Coat does not need to be sterile-looking and intimidating.  By choosing a Lab Coat that fits you correctly, constructed from a fabric which puts your patients at ease, you can present your personality, while still feeling and presenting as the consummate professional you are.  So, stop thinking about the white lab coat.  Forget the boring lab coat.  Step out into the exciting world of color, and custom-made Lab Coats, for fit and for the ease of your patients.

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