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January 10 2011

Kids need to care for their teeth

Far too often, care for children’s deciduous teeth, also known as “baby teeth,” is neglected. Because these teeth will eventually fall out, parents believe there is not real need to invest time or money in ensuring they remain healthy until the permanent teeth appear. Unfortunately, this can lead to severe problems with the permanent teeth as well as emotional distress for the child if he or she must have teeth extracted.

These facts about childhood cavities and how parents can help maintain their children’s oral health can help you provide a great start for your baby.

Dental care can actually begin with infants- by washing their sensitive gums with a soft cloth or gauze, this will help prevent infection, and get them used to having someone assisting them with their dental care.

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First visits to a dentist in Allen, TX should not be delayed. Your baby should experience a visit to the dental office as soon as the first teeth begin to appear. A McKinney dentist can show you how to best care for your baby’s teeth, and visiting the dentist will also help your baby get used to this necessary routine.

It is another important lesson to teach your children to avoid sharing utensils and cups, and therefore stop the passing of germs back and forth between their family and friends.Keeping your own mouth and teeth in excellent health will also help reduce the amount of bacteria that can travel from you to your baby.

Bottles can cause cavities. If your baby drinks milk or apple juice from a bottle after her teeth have come in, it is important to monitor the practice. Babies who fall asleep while bottle feeding can collect a great deal of sugar on their teeth, creating an environment that attracts bacteria and can lead to serious tooth decay.

To be sure your baby gets the best early dental care, make an appointment with a dentist in Frisco today.