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December 30 2010

Kids Can Gain from Cosmetic Dentistry

As kids grow, their smiles can go through a lot of transformations, from losing their baby teeth to overbites, brackets, chipped teeth and other dental surprises. Everyone wants a happy, healthy smile, and children can especially reap the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.  

High-quality orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments at an early age can lay down the foundation for years of strong teeth. In the Portland, OR, region, family dental services can handle the essential routine check-ups for your kids, as well as provide the unique competence that is necessary when handling a growing family.

Cosmetic dentistry is much more than just whitening, though that practice is very common.  Capping and orthodontics are also a major aspect of the service. Many people, young and old, have self-esteem issues with regards to their teeth. Being ashamed to smile in public or in photographs is no fun, and no way to live life. Fortunately, with the right consultation and dental professional, there is no reason why you can’t be happy with your smile.  

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With kids, straightening (or orthodontics), removing extra teeth and fixing chips are the main cosmetic dentistry services. Kids feel the same way about their smiles as grown-ups do, and with developing bodies, new teeth coming in and the pressures of adolescence, an attractive smile can go far in improving self-esteem. With young people, it is important to begin early.  Pre-orthodontia consultation and services can guide new adult teeth to avoid the “metal mouth” of braces. Getting those adult teeth to grow straight will help a great deal as the others start coming in. If braces are required for your child, they should be put in place as early as possible and regularly adjusted. Under the right dentist, braces can be on and off in less than couple of years. Although braces aren’t as large as they used to be, Invisaligns might also be available, which are even more subtle. For those kids and adults with uneasiness about the dentist, sleep dentistry is also available in many clinics.  

Everyone knows that with children, mishaps can occur, and athletics injuries, bike accidents and general roughhousing can have an impact on a kid’s smile. Cosmetic dentistry can repair that damaged or lost tooth by replacing the tooth, capping the chip or using another method to make your kid’s smile complete again. All parents want to see their child joyful and smiling in school, athletics and family photos; but many children, like adults, are embarrassed to smile. Dental hygiene and health, and a healthy grin, go together. Family dental services can provide cosmetic, orthodontic, and general dentistry services for your maturing kids.

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