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July 18 2010

Key Foods For Healthier Teeth

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. This is an old saying that has truthfulness in it. Especially in relation to the oral hygiene of our family, the foods that we eat have a great impact on the health of our teeth. That is why dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley, are advocating the proper choose of food to help keep our teeth and gums in perfect condition.

As little kids, most of our were completely smitten with anything that was made or dipped in sugar. From those bright and colorful candies to the big slices of cakes. From instant juices to bottles of sodas, we were completely hooked with anything that has sugar in it. Those were completely good and fun when we were still small, but now we are slowly seeing the effect of eating too much sugar. Our tooth are too yellow and stained and decay was everywhere. Our teeth were far from being healthy.

Keeping our teeth in great condition should be our priority and it is fairly easy to do. Regular teeth brushing is what all dentists recommend. Often a twice a day brushing is fine, however for the best results, you should brush after each meal. This is to keep all the remaining small pieces of food from staying longer in our mouths and in between our teeth.

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But there is more to good oral hygiene that merely brushing. Flossing is one thing that we all most know how to do and learn to do it on a regular basis. However the truth of the matter is that flossing is something that we are not very happy to perform. We find it extremely boring. But if what you want is cleaner teeth, then we should start flossing right away.

Do you think brushing and flossing are enough to maintain the health of our teeth and gums? If you answer no, then you are correct. We should also be eating only healthy foods and drinking healthy drinks. And stay away from too much sugar as often as possible. Dentists like Dr. Jonathan Hartley believes that there are certain types of foods that are good for our teeth.

Foods that are good for our teeth includes:

Raw vegetables, cheese, plain yogurt, nuts, and chicken.

If you notice, especially with the cheese, calcium is an important component in keeping our teeth in tip top shape.

These are the drinks that are good for the teeth:

Unsweetened tea, water with fluoride added, and milk. While milk is good, drinking it just when you are about to lie in bed is not a good thing. If you feel that a warm glass of milk is necessary to help you sleep, brush your teeth after you are done drinking your milk.

You have probably noticed that sugar is not among those that the dentists recommend. Quite obvious, isn’t it? This is because sugar is widely understood to cause tooth decay and other teeth problems, especially with little kids. So it is best to avoid too much sugar and to brush your teeth after eating anything that has sugar in it, otherwise it might be start of your teeth problems.

Dr. Jonathan Hartley and other dentists strongly recommends that you follow the basic steps of daily oral hygiene. That is to brush at least twice a day, floss, and also to eat the right kind of foods. When you do everything regularly it will become a habit and it will be easier for you to maintain your teeth.