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July 31 2010

Just two dental appointments and you can have new veneers

Lots of individuals have discovered a way to enhance their teeth and overall physical appearance with dental veneers. These veneers help with chipped and crooked teeth and produce a smile that is bright, white, and strong. Dentists normally choose the porcelain veneers because of their strength and all-natural appearance.

The process of installing the dental veneers is something that can only take place in a dental clinic. Sometimes it is obvious, but you do need a dentist to actually examine your teeth to determine if you can in fact get veneers. The inside of your mouth is in fact measured for clearance area and bite, because veneers do add depth inside your mouth.

Your first visit though is likely the easiest because after initial measurements, an impression is collected from upper and lower rows of teeth. This is a tacky, grabby compound that forms into place inside your mouth. Your dentist then pulls it out, having created the replica of your teeth. The mould then goes to a separate dental lab that specializes in veneers, and they actually build your new teeth for you! During these few days, your dentist can put on some short-term veneers, so you can get used to the new look and feel of them in your mouth.

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Upon your next visit the veneers are bonded to your original teeth using special glue that is applied to a dried surface. Your new veneers are then put in place. This procedure usually does not even need anisthesia, as it is relatively painless.

The new veneers are shaped into perfection by your dentist, and your mouth is then instantly transformed. Chips, cracks, spots are covered in a glamour-smooth finish. Actually the character of porcelain will repel potential stains that are common from having coffee and tea, so there will in fact be less staining.

For most individuals, the best benefit is an aesthetically satisfying smile and those that had dental problems that prevented them from smiling because of shame; start to smile more than they ever did before the veneers were placed. Veneers essentially reinforce the teeth and solid teeth usually means less chance of chipping or wearing out. The complete process is much less surgical than implants, which are a major dental procedure.

The entire process of having veneers usually requires just two appointments, the initial appointment, and the appointment to have the veneers completed. Overall, the entire process takes no more than one hour per visit. Lastly, and most notably for many that associate the dentist with pain, is the entire treatment does not include excessive pain, the only pain you may feel is after your enamel is removed and you are awaiting to have your new veneers placed. Okay maybe you will feel a little hot and cold sensitivity on your teeth because they are dealing with your enamel. Other than that your family dentist office visit is no more of a task than mowing the lawn! Truly, a great smile can easily be acquired with veneers by your local family dentist.