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March 29 2010

Jaw Pain? Seek Immediate Dental Help

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Learn How To Manage Tooth Pain

When I was young, I remember situations where I was experiencing jaw pain. And like any other young boy, I dismissed those flashes of pain as something that would go away. Now remember, I was too young to think any more of the pain, but was old enough to know that pain that emanates from the mouth requires dental care.

The pain throbbed and continued on. It was a pain that was very much different as opposed to the pain one might have if one has a toothache. I know the kind of pain that would merit a dentist’s attention, and this jaw pain I was having was not it. I shrugged it off as some kind of muscle pain.

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Big mistake. After a few days, the left side of my mouth was swollen and I couldn’t open my mouth to even sip a glass of iced tea. After some trepidation, I finally agreed to see a doctor. It was a general health doctor, or whatever you call it, and his prognosis was, I should see a dentist. I was adamant and refused to see a dentist since I was so sure that it was muscle pain. I’m sure you guys understand my fear of dentists, after all, who among us didn’t fear them at such a young age right?

Finally, I agreed. The pain continued and when the dentist examined me, he told me that it was because of an abscess in a tooth that spread throughout my jaw. He was asking me why I waited so long before I went to him and I just shrugged. Apparently, if the abscess was left untreated, the pain would go away, but then would come back worse than ever and would be beyond help.

So let me tell you, dear readers, if you fell some kind of jaw pain, and you are not sure what it is. Take the safest route and visit your nearest dentist. Sometimes it may be just muscle pain, but just to be sure, it may be something happening in your mouth. Your best bet would be to get proper dental treatment every six months so that your dentist can evaluate whatever it is that’s happening to your mouth.