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July 28 2010

Jaw Pain – Important Facts You Should Know

Are you losing sleep because you suffer from lower jaw pain? Does the pain start from the jaw, travel to your ear sometimes causing pain to your teeth? Looking for some TMJ relief?

Defining TMJ

TMJ is an affliction of the joint called temporomandibular that can cause debilitating pain and inflammation to the joint. Not only can this cause headaches and tooth pain, but can also make it difficult to chew or open your mouth. you may also experience pain to your neck, face and ear. If you think you are suffering from this or have the above TMJ symptoms you need to find some TMJ pain relief.

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This particular joint is very complex in that it’s the only joint in the body that not only moves up and down, but left to right as well. Therefore it can easily become weak in nature leading to this illness that causes so much pain. The joint is found directly below the ear and connects the lower jaw to the skull.

This disorder can be hereditary like arthritis, clinching your jaw from stress, or from a blow to the jaw from a punch or some other trauma. For whatever reason you have developed it, the pain can be quite unbearable making sleep, eating and just living a normal life very difficult.

Can You Cure TMJ?

There are some options to relief lower jaw pain, however some are more intrusive. People that suffer from acute TMJ often opt for surgery, however, this can be quite costly and most insurance companies will not cover this type of surgery. Imagine the pain you’re in after they break then reconstruct your jaw!

Another option even for long time sufferers of this disorder is TMJ exercises that you can do right from your home to strengthen the damaged and weak joint. This will help to alleviate pain and make what pain you do experience go away much quicker.
So if you have suffered from TMJ pain, try some TMJ exercises to get TMJ pain relief. You don’t have to continue to suffer from this disorder any longer.