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January 11 2011

It takes tooth to Tango

At some point, we will all have teeth perhaps over the chin and under the nose, but what do you really know about your teeth? Here’s a brief backgrounder on our teeth. There is a function that comes with each type of teeth. Incisors are the teeth you find in the front. Apart from being the sharpest, these also help by shoveling in food. The canine teeth can be found in the mouth’s corner. They are used to grasp and tear food and have long roots. Premolars crush food using their flat chewing surfaces and they are the ones found right behind the canines. Molars are much bigger than premolars and have a larger, flatter chewing surface. Grinding the food into bits is what they are tasked to do. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit braces sydney.

The two parts that make up a tooth is its crown and root. The crown is right on top and can easily be seen when the mouth is open whereas the root is right below the gum line and serves 66 percent of the tooth’s length. For every tooth, there are four different tissues that compose them. In the wear and tear caused by chewing, the enamel surrounds and protects the tooth. Yellow bone like materials covering the nerve fibers and supports the enamel is what is known as the dentin. The pulp is the center of the tooth and contains blood and lymph vessels and nerves.

The tooth receives nourishment through the pulp, which also transmits signals to the brain. The part that serves as covering and connector to the jaw bones is known as the cementum. The cushioning layer called the periodontal ligament connects the cementum to the jawbone as it lies between them.

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Do you really know how braces work apart from the fact that it has become a popular tool in fixing the teeth? Speaking and chewing are properly promoted by straight teeth that also makes one look better. Cavities are very likely to grow within crocked teeth that are laden with unnatural spaces. Pain and discomfort is known to arise when teeth are crooked and affects the jaw lines as well. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit invisible braces sydney.

One way of correcting this is to have orthodontic treatment, braces or retainers. Orthodontic therapy comes in to exert pressure within an amount of time on the teeth that are crooked, growing out of their places and realign these. Braces are primarily made up of first, the bonding that connects the bracket to the tooth and the arch wire which runs throughout all the brackets.

Braces that come in transparent brackets or can be attached to the back of the teeth are opted for by many orthodontic patients. Truly, braces have evolved from the train tracks of old days.After these appliances are removed, there might be a need for retainers. Small custom made mouth appliances known as retainers manage to keep the teeth in their new positions. These can easily straighten out small orthodontic matters. Good looks as well as good health are attributed to straight and healthy teeth. We will have good health and plenty to smile about when we know all about teeth and how to properly care for them.