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December 25 2010

It is possible for your replacement teeth to look like your own

Making the decision to get dental implants is easy, once you know how natural they will look and feel. Using them will also be as natural as you will find when it comes to replacement teeth. With the latest implant technology and the skills of Dr. David Dennison, a dental implant dentist in Houston TX, who is experienced in placing them, nobody will ever guess that your teeth are anything but your own. Actually, dental implants should be the only thing to consider if you are looking for the most natural, easy to wear replacement teeth.

Dental implants in Fort Worth can replace either a single tooth or multiple teeth, and no matter how many you need, dental implants specialists will ensure you’re your set is custom made to fit, and look exactly like the ones you already have. Additionally, because dental implants offer a stand-alone solution, there’s no need to compromise adjacent healthy teeth, which must be covered with crowns when a bridge is used to replace missing teeth. Bridges carry the risk of permanent damage to nearby teeth, although that certainly doesn’t occur in every case.

Wearing dental implants will not require any special care, or treatments. They are cleaned the same way your own natural teeth are. Simple, brushing and flossing at least once a day, and you are set to go. In particular, dental implants offer better access to interproximal areas, or the spaces between the teeth, allowing for more thorough flossing.

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Beyond the cosmetic benefits, dental implants approximate natural teeth in a number of other ways, as well. Implants tend to be more comfortable than alternatives, and they last longer, too.

Unlike other dentures, implants will help limit, or do away with bone loss in the jaw. Because an Irving dental implant is actually anchored to the bone with a titanium screw, it does the best job of simulating an actual tooth from a biological perspective. While bone might begin to erode in the area of missing teeth that are replaced by a bridge or dentures, the implant’s screw serves as a sort of root, encouraging the jaw bone to remain in place. The implant’s more extensive structure also tends to prevent other teeth from shifting to fill the gap left by the missing tooth.