Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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August 24 2010

Is Your Dentist Family Friendly?

When I was little, I was frightened of the dentist . This was not your average I’m afraid of the dentist type deal. The dentist I saw was loud, obnoxious, and told horrible jokes. He was also rough, smelly  , and really didn’t care if he hurt me or not . Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of dentists like this out there. What you’ve just read is nothing new .

To this day, dentists scare me . I took my time travelling out of town even to find a dentist who was right for me . Through trial and error, I discovered a formula that anyone can use to find the right dentist :

1. Visit the dental office. Many people simply pull a number out of yellow pages, or google who is fast taking the spot of yellow pages, call them and ask about pricing, then make an appointment. You want to see for yourself all of his accreditations, so it’s worth going in. It doesn’t hurt to ask quesions either . You can get a feel of how the overall environment of the clinic is like by going in . If he or she lets you, you might even be allowed to sit in while he goes about his daily routine .

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2. Check in with your insurance. If you have dental insurance, make sure the dentist you’re interested in is covered by your insurance.  Bear in mind that insurance companies work with only top-tier dentists . So you are sure to be going to a highly qualified dentist if he or she is covered.

3. Ask around. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for companies, but it is also the best way to get a good dentist. Why not try calling up friends or asking family which dentist they go to . Google isn’t the only place you can check out either. There are sites where people visit to write reviews about local businesses, such as Yelp, that you can check out .

4. The dentist has to be right for you . Just as there are skin doctors and gynacologists who are specialists, there are also specialist dentists who do surgery and cosmetic enhancment. Make sure he or she does what they claim to do . Do not be discouraged if the first dentist you find isn’t right for you. Keep looking and sooner or later you’re going to get a dentist who suits you .

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