Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 23 2010

Is UV Teeth Whitening Safe?

 Teeth Whitening has become one of the easiest and most economical ways to dramatically improve your appearance by making your teeth look brighter. When your teeth look brighter, your smile is improved and you look younger and more energetic. UV teeth whitening is one of the many options that have evolved to fill this need, and it is becoming more and more popular.  Examine all of your teeth whitening options at Home Teeth Whitening Kits Information Center.

UV teeth whitening is one of the power or light-accelerating techniques used in conjunction with a bleaching agent- peroxide or carbamide peroxide – to increase its speed in whitening teeth. The idea is that light in the blue or ultraviolet spectrum excites the peroxide molecules without overheating the pulp of the teeth. The resulting break down of the peroxide molecules is thought to accelerate the whitening process.

Certain types of UV whitening techniques, such as the Celebrity Hollywood Whites UV Teeth Whitening Kit, and UVBleachBright are specially made to be used while you relax on a tanning bed. Solar Smile Teeth Whitening is also exclusive for Tanning Salons and is the Number one teeth whitening product on the market. Many women find that these UV teeth whitening systems can be utilizedeasily while doing their hair, having a manicure or just relaxing.

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However, it is the opinion of this author that you should think long and hard before considering any UV teeth whitening treatment, and consult your dentist before considering this practice. Check Home Teeth Whitening Kits for information about other teeth whitening options that may be just as good, but much safer, cheaper and more convenient.

If you are still considering UV whitening, then ask yourself – “Is it safe, and does it work?”

  The technical periodical “Journal of Prosthodontics”, has found in a recent study that there was NO significant difference between the effectiveness of light-activated as opposed to non-light-activated whitening procedures. Another journal, “Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences” went even further. In their study they found that UV exposure in teeth whitening treatments can be 4 times the exposure level found in ordinary sunbathing, and that the eyes and skin are not sufficiently protected from this radiation. There have been complaints to the FDA about burned gums during this procedure. They have even found that repeated UV exposure can cause cataracts, abnormal growths or other problems around the eye.

Many teeth whitening methods are legitimate cosmetic procedures, but they can differ somewhat in effectiveness and speed. High concentration bleaching applications that can be obtained in dental offices will rapidly whiten your teeth even without UV exposure. So why risk your health just to save a little time?Home teeth whitening kits evolved after about 1990 as an alternative to the often expensive dental procedures. These kits use lower concentrations of peroxide bleaching agent and may take a little more time to work, but mainly they DO work – without the potentially harmful UV light. One product that gives fast, long lasting results does not even involve the use of messy overnight bleaching trays. You simply brush it on your teeth.  You can get a FREE TRIAL at ALTA WHITE FREE TRIAL OFFER.