Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

A positive first impression is important in life. A nice smile and white teeth make a first impression that can last a lifetime. It is no secret that teeth lose their whiteness as we age, and that can make for a bad impression. Hollywood celebrities know this and that's why... Read More

August 13 2011

Is Tooth Bleaching Safe?

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Tooth bleaching is a method of getting teeth to become whitened and is at times termed as tooth whitening.

When a youngster smiles, the one thing that actually stands out is how gorgeous the smile will be, with their dazzling bright white teeth. This is where anyone starts off,with beautiful shiny white teeth but as they get older, the mineral arrangement of the teeth enamel adjusts and their teeth become less porous losing that whiteness.

Teeth discoloration can also be caused by some treatments like tetracycline, cigarette smoking, meals, and bacterias infections. This brings about the teeth becoming dull, losing their original white color.

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This kind of becomes the main factor why a lot of people go for tooth bleaching.

Options Regarding Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching can be done by skilled dentists or in the home. dentists can use sometimes of the two methods to execute the teeth whitening treatments on their clients. These are generally In-office and Office bench procedures. In-office tooth bleaching procedure requires the dentist using oxidizing agents such as bleach or Carbamide Peroxide for them to white their consumers teeth.

At home, tooth bleaching mostly involves buying merchandise off the chemist shelves. These goods include the teeth gel, chewing gum and tooth pastes.

Benefits Of Tooth Bleaching

  • A bright toothed smile gives a individual a charming persona.
  • Tooth bleaching in addition gives people a lift in their self esteem, through improving their appearance.
  • Other individuals like movie stars, models and music super stars, a clean white teeth smile may be their solution to the next paycheck.
  • Those with white teeth also usually look pleasant or even more friendly and vibrant.

Cons Of Tooth Bleaching

Though teeth whitening can be beneficial, it also has an opposing side, and can cause damage to the tooth.

These cons incorporate:

  • Gum injury and irritation
  • Level of sensitivity raises in the tooth
  • Over bleaching may also result in blotchy and also discolored teeth
  • When individuals white their tooth, it is only the teeth enamel that is whitened not the actual crown and tooth cavities.
  • Some of the bleaching items used have substantial acid levels that might end up eroding your enamel of the tooth.

For folks with serious circumstances of teeth yellowing,bleaching may not function, especially discoloration due to medicines. The tinting in such a case tends to be more deep in the enamel, thus may call for additional methods of whitening, including crowing, to make them white.

As a result of expenses involved in contacting dentists for such a task, some individuals may prefer to do the whitening in the home without going for a check-up first. This may lead to adverse damage to their particular teeth.

To Do Or Not To Do?

This can be personal decision that will only be made by someone. It is a good idea however to first consider the pros and the cons before you go forward. Have a dentistry check up and talk with the dentist in regards to the whole process and then make an informed decision about whether to go ahead using tooth bleaching. Tooth bleaching might give you brighter teeth, but you must decide if whiter teeth is worth the possible negative effects.