Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 22 2010

Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous

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The amount your teeth discolor sometimes depends on the kinds of food you eat or the medicines you take.  It doesn’t always depend on how many times in a day you brush.  Dentists teach proper brushing techniques because they say that improper brushing strokes could do more harm than good especially when done briskly with hard-bristled brush.

Horizontal Brushing, according to the hygienists, cause scraping of enamel that leads to exposure of the dentin which causes sensitivity and appearance of a darker yellow shade.  It looks very undesirable especially today when people may judge you on the appearance of your teeth.

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When your teeth are yellow, it looks like something is wrong – they may look decayed and not very attractive to many.  Yet, it is not quite right to equate yellow teeth with unhealthy teeth – although the correlation is often there.  Appearances can be deceiving.  What about the hydrofloss

Bleached teeth could be unhealthy teeth but they look spotless.  How many people who bleach often are facing gum recession?  This is a question to ask the next time you consider bleaching your teeth. What about therabreath products?

There are many products on the market intended for whitening. But how do you know if the use of such a product will guarantee the health of your teeth and gums? 

Bleaching can reach right into the tooth pulp and in the worst cases can actually kill the tooth.  Therefore, the tooth will eventually turn brown and require a crown.  Is that the result you are looking for?  What about Oramd for gum health?

Please exercise caution when considering the possibility of whitening your teeth. Patients often want to use budget friendly yet safe and effective products. Brushing alone may not be the answer and teeth whitening products can strip off enamel thus leading to hypersensitivity, according to research.  Some people have observed that prolonged use of toothpaste with whiteners make there teeth sensitive to cold beverages and to a blow of air directly on their teeth. 

Upon looking at pictures of people after a whitening session, the enamel looks really chalky white and rough. One caption says that the teeth are extremely sensitive at this time. 

The teeth may look several shades lighter but does that really look attractive?  A little tooth discoloration may be finer as long as your teeth are not decaying and your gums are healthy. If the teeth are healthy, then maybe the right answer is to leave them as they are.  The bleached look just does not appear natural.

If bleaching or whitening harms the health of the teeth or gums, is it really worth it?  Be careful when bleaching teeth. 

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. If you have or think you have a dental health problem or any other health problem, including a supposed need to whiten teeth, visit your dentist or doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.