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May 19 2010

Is Acupuncture For Infertility A Scam?

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Acupuncture for Infertility – Tracing Its Roots

Acupuncture originated in China over 1,000 years ago.  Some medical practitioners in the West accept this treatment as a valid way of addressing several types of ailments.  It can address problems with muscle tension, the skin and even help one quit smoking, among others.  Studies show that acupuncture benefits couple who have fertility problems.

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How The West Sees It

Acupuncture may be popular, but some Westerners still doubt its effectiveness.  Many consumers are reluctant to try acupuncture due to a lack of scientific validation.  The National Institutes of Health in the US says that researches are currently being conducted on the issue.

Health Risks

Acupuncture performed by a trained professional is generally painless.  Very few patients experience adverse effects.  Puncturing of organs, spreading of infectious diseases, forgotten or broken needles and minimal bleeding are the usual risks infrequently associated with acupuncture.  These can be done away with by having an experienced practitioner perform therapy.  However, acupuncture is not recommended for individuals who use blood thinners or having bleeding disorders.

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A Single or Complementary Process

Acupuncture taken by itself is a great aid to fertility procedures.  It is also viewed as greatly complementary to modern fertility procedures.  When used on its own, acupuncture probably offers more positive results for couples who have functional problems like irregular ovulation.  By itself, effectiveness in treating structural problems, as with sperm duck blockage, could be weak.

Some acupuncturists urge patients to use Chinese herbs in addition to acupuncture treatments and other procedures.  If you are under medication, check your doctor before taking herbs.  Some herbs may prevent fertility drugs and procedures from working properly.

Acupuncture for Fertility- Does It Truly Work?

How acupuncture works as a cure for infertility is still debatable.  However, practitioners emphasize this age-old treatment’s ability to normalize the body’s functions.  It improves the flow of blood to reproductive organs and steadies hormone levels.  The result is improved ovarian function in women and increased sperm production in males.

Acupuncture benefits women positively, particularly those who are undergoing fertility boosting therapies.   Some also say that acupuncture, when incorporated with rather stressful fertility procedures, helps women relax.  Women undergoing IVF, or in vitro fertilization, boost their conception rate with the introduction of acupuncture into the program.

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Choosing the Right Practitioner

Doctors looking to enter the field of acupuncture will need to complete around 300 training hours to receive a certification.  Professionals in other fields who would like to specialize solely in acupuncture have to train for 2,000 to 3,000 hours and complete board examinations to qualify as acupuncturists.

The number of people who are practicing acupunture is continuously increasing.  To ensure that potential patients land in the hands of good practitioners, a few things must be considered.  People who are thinking of undergoing acupuncture must do a background check on a potential acupuncturist.  A professional must first acquire the approval of the local government and undergo certain trainings before he or she can practice in a specific area.Great recommendation sources for acupuncturists would be friends and family members who have tried the procedure.


Patients must always ask about the general cost total so they know how much needs to be set aside for the procedure.  Many individuals are relieved that some insurance plans cover charges for acupuncture treatments.

What You Can Expect

To get the best results, one has to undergo more than one acupuncture treatment.  To get the most out of acupuncture, patients usually go through a series of visits that can run from several weeks to a few months.  A visit to the acupuncturist normally goes on for an hour or so, as this time will be used to discuss your present health condition and entertain any question about the entire procedure.