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March 29 2010

Invisible Braces Orlando FL | Advantages of Invisible Braces

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Invisalign Orlando FL | Advantages of Invisible Braces

There are many great advantages of the new family of invisible and nearly invisible braces.  Many of these have none of the drawbacks of the old traditional braces.

Remember when wearing a mouthful of metal braces made the people that wore them feel worse about wearing braces than they felt about the crooked teeth that led them to seek orthodontic help?  The new invisible (or nearly invisible) braces can eliminate a lot of the old fears and humiliations associated with wearing braces.

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Braces are Invisibly Solving Problems

Today’s invisible brace choices can help patients feel much more confident and self assured during treatment.  The fact that the braces themselves are less visible takes away much of the embarrassment that wearing braces can cause.

Some orthodontic patients find themselves allergic to the metals that are used in the manufacture of metallic braces.  Here is another area where the newer technology has helped patients.

Whether a patient and his doctor choose an aligning tray system, clear ceramic braces or lingually applied braces, the patient’s self-image and self-confidence during and after will be improved by the invisibility factor.

Aligning trays are extremely hard to detect on the patient wearing them.  They are recommended for patients who require only minor adjustments to their smiles. Aligning trays make gradual adjustments to the patient’s teeth and make them some of the most comfortable orthodontic devices on the market today.

Ceramic braces are clear and light and very strong. They can also treat more difficult and complicated cases than trays can. They are a bit more visible than aligning trays but can be more effective on more difficult corrections.

Lingually applied braces are applied to the lingual or tongue side of the teeth rather than the cheek side like more typical braces.  Because they are applied to the inside of the teeth they are very hard to detect. 

Great New Clear Treatment Options for Orthodontics

These new treatment alternatives can be a little more expensive than the older, more traditional metallic braces but many patients agree that the extra cost is well worth it.

So, now orthodontic patients can choose from a myriad of treatment systems that make their corrective devices less visible, less painful and less of a hassle.  Patients have reported that they have had friends and relatives wonder aloud if they were even wearing braces or if their orthodontic corrective treatment was over already when they were still in the middle of treatment!

Now an orthodontic patient can walk around with confidence in the fact that their braces are less visible or not visible at all. Once the braces come off, their new and improved smile will be well worth the wait and the investment.

Imagine having invisible or nearly invisible orthodontic appliances unobtrusively fixing your smile and then having the joy of ending treatment and with your brand new beautiful smile!