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March 30 2010

Invisalign Aligners versus Traditional Braces

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At my age, I’ve always wondered how I can have my teeth aligned without being forced to wear those ugly braces I see on kids and teens. New products that would suit each person’s needs are always being invented through advancements in technology. Fortunately, Align technology has recently come up with Invisalign – Invisalign is a series of transparent, removable aligners that Aurora dentists suggest as a good alternative for people who don’t like the look of traditional braces.

The completely transparent aligners is obviously the greatest advantage Invisalign has over metal braces. Most adults who are looking into straightening their teeth prefer Invisalign treatments rather than metal braces, which are commonly seen on children or adolescents. They are more comfortable than traditional braces as claimed by people who have tried Invisalign aligners. Lastly, the device is removable, allowing you to eat and brush your teeth without those uncomfortable braces.

Proper use of the aligners indicates that they should be removed before eating, drinking beverages (there’s no problem with drinking water while they are on), or brushing teeth. One of the most important parts of Invisalign treatments and other orthodontic treatments is computerized planning. The computerized treatment planning allows the patient to review the expected smile design, the duration of the treatment, compare with different plans, and helps make a better decision on whether or not to undergo the treatment.

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Invisalign aligners also avoid the most common side effects of having fixed dental appliances, especially the effect on the gums and supporting tissues. Up to fifty percent of patients with fixed metal braces experience demineralization and tooth decay. There have been issues with the roots of the teeth shortening due to traditional braces. Since invisalign gives less force than metal braces, there is less pain on the patient.

Invisalign treatments not only look better but are also quicker and more comfortable, which is why a lot of people prefer them over others. Treatments using traditional braces average to around 3 years with the longest taking up to 8 years, according to a large scale study. Invisalign on the other hand is taking only a year to a year and a half to finish. An Invisalign review however, points out that there are faster brace appliance systems that take half the time to finish like surgery or temporary implants. Dental appliances or Invisalign are normally much cheaper than those quicker methods, however.