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May 08 2011

Important Facts On Periodontal Disease

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According to this patient, what her doctor and dentist say are practically of the same matter. This type of gum disease according to this 56-year-old lady’s doctor could spread into other body organs and may later on lead to much more perilous health problems. She doesn’t usually floss and she is beginning to worry about how her oral condition would affect her. She still couldn’t believe that her heart and mouth are connected with each other so she asked her doctor. This was what her doctor said and after everything, he’s definitely right. It is quite effective to look into a patient’s mouth to determine if the patient has any sickness. Heart disease and stroke are some health problems that can be the result due to gum disease or periodontal disease based on some studies. Here are some important facts about this disease that you need to know. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit periodontics sydney.

Plaque is how gum disease starts once this invisible and sticky form of bacteria starts to go between your tooth enamel. Once plaque develops into tartar, then there is a possibility for your teeth to magnet more than 350 types of bacteria. If these bacteria combines with tartar, it travels below the gum line thus periodontitis is created. This becomes troubling because the patient’s gums, bones and tissues that envelop the tooth all become infected.

Periodontal disease harms the heart and other body parts of the body since chronic oral infection bacteria spread its sickness through the bloodstream. As for other researchers, they believe that chronic gum infections may be the reason for some chemical reactions that will make the body swell leading to a couple of blood clots thus heart attack or stroke.

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Recent studies show that those who have periodontal disease are most likely to have heart disease than those who don’t have this gum disease. They can also have diabetes, stroke, ulcer and pneumonia. There is a greater chance for those who have gum diseases to have stroke as proven by the University of Buffalo researchers wherein they found out that out of the 10,000 health histories they gathered, 35 percent of those will be affected by stroke. Further your knowledge on dentistry at implants teeth.

While periodontal disease doesn’t directly cause diabetes, it can make proper management of the disease much more difficult. Through this disease, a person can go blind, have heart problems and develop kidney failure because bacterial infection by gum disease drastically changes a person’s sugar levels. Some stomach ulcers are also believed to be linked to periodontal disease. This happens once the bacteria from the teeth enter the stomach wherein it makes little holes in the stomach’s lining. Respiratory ailment is also probable since every time that a person inhales, the bacteria that are in the teeth may be breathed in as well.