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January 26 2010

I Love That Word: “Gingivitis” But Not What It Means.

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For many people, gingivitis is a dreaded condition associated with loss of teeth and bleeding gums. It is actually a mild form of periodontal disease.

Perhaps as many as 75 to 80% of people have some gingivitis or gum disease right now! A good prognosis is necessary for effective prevention and treatment.

If left unattended, it can lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss and canker sores among others. And these are just some of the milder complications or consequences associated with it. Many systemic disease have also been associated with the bacteria that enter the blood from disease gum tissue.

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So how do you prevent it? The one thing about gingivitis and evenmore advanced gum diseases is that they are often not attended to until later. Hence, it is usually already present before it can be arrested or stopped  in its tracks.

The good news is that it can often be prevented from progressing. There are actually quite a few ways to ensure that you prevent the onset of this disease.

The best one you can do from home might be to use an oral irrigator, like the hydro floss

An oxygenated, pH balanced mouthwash such as the therabreath brand can also be helpful. These provide oxygen that the ‘bad bacteria’ do not like very much.

Essential oils, like those in Oramd, might help as well. 

Be advised that you may need more than one approach to deal effectively with the problem. 

On the professional side it is important to get a regular prophylaxis at least twice a year. It will not only be for the purpose of cleaning your teeth, it will also be useful for getting a diagnosis on your gums and whether or not you are showing symptoms of this condition.

You also want to make sure that you deal with dry mouth, often caused by a lack of hydration. This can be exacerbated or caused by increased physical activities such as working out. Even taking certain types of medications can cause this dryness. Just make sure you prevent dry mouth to prevent rapid bacterial growth.

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