Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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July 09 2010

HydraBrush Express Toothbrush Redefining Your Approach Of Brushing Your Teeth Experiences Every Single Day

Sometimes no matter how expensive or advanced our toothbrush is, we will need to face the fact that teeth and gum problems are primarily a result of improper brushing. So to combat this, Hydrabrush Express is a toothbrush design to make our daily brushing more simple, quick and effective by using more advanced technology that is being developed today.

The Hydrabrush Express is a powered toothbrush that has 8 micro brushes in a single brush head that will surround and wrap around your teeth on every side: the inside, the top side, and the outside surfaces, so that it covers more of your tooth then in your regular toothbrush in a single stroke.

Hydrabrush Express toothbrush head is also very flexible and auto-adjusts to complement to the shape and size of a particular teeth, for example it closes for your narrow front teeth while becoming broader for your bigger molars. This helps to ensure that every tooth is treated based on their particular needs.

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Another common improper brushing method that individuals usually commits with their regular toothbrush is that they brush their teeth too hard, causing structural harm to it and the gums at the same time. In this case, the Hydrabrush Express is extremely soft on your tooth and your gums so that it doesn’t causes abrasion. That’s because it has a short and quick 5mm brush strokes that makes sure that its consumers is not going to brush their teeth so forcefully that it will result in gum recession. Also, its wrap-around brush head design grants equalized pressure on all the surfaces of the teeth. The Hydrabrush express is also applicable to people with dental devices  like crowns or bridges.

In an effort to maintain optimal tooth brushing benefits, HydraBrush heads should be replaced once every 90 days. The main reason brush heads are being replaced once every ninety days happens because bristles from any leading toothbrush brand will begin to become splayed and frayed, and render it much less effective in our total brushing experience. Not only are old brush-heads ineffective, they also promise the best breeding place for many harmful bacteria and germs that can cause infection such as gingivitis and periodontitis. For those who are recovering from their illness, it is best for them to change their brush head once they recovered, so as not to pass on the illness and disease that are still on the brush head itself.

Overall, the Hydrabrush Express is surely an amazing toothbrush that can help you promote whiter teeth and healthier gums, maintain a fresher breath and cleaner teeth while removing plaque from teeth even those in tough to reach places, stimulate and massage the gums, and greatly decrease the time needed for  brushing your teeth. The Hyrdrabrush Express toothbrush kit contains a complete package for total oral hygiene consisting of the Hydrabrush express power handle, starter ultra-soft red brush and standard-soft blue brush, battery charger, countertop pedestal, tongue cleaner, and travel tray which also double as a hygienic power.