Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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February 02 2010

How To Whiten Weakened Teeth

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If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, you need to keep their condition in mind. Whitening treatments are available both at the dentist’s office and over the counter, and this is an easy way to improve your smile, but what if those products won’t work for you? You will find you have some questions about the process if you have teeth that are discolored and weak?

The first thing that you should remember is that even if your teeth are weakened or damaged that there are going to be options open to you when it comes to whitening. Teeth that are chipped, prone to cavities, are sensitive or even cracked can be whitened, and you will find that simply using milder bleaches can helplessness

If you are someone who suffers from gum diseases, bare tooth roots, damaged enamel or tooth diseases, you will find that there are solutions that are meant to account for these issues. When you have weak teeth you have to be choosy about the products you invest in.

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You should definitely have a good dentist and seek out their professional opinion. As you see a dentist they should help you to know what condition your teeth are in so you can get these problems fixed and be on your way. After that, you are going to be able to get the whitening solution you are looking for.

In the first place, remember that your dentist should fill up your cavities prior to your attempting any bleaching. It is not advised to bleach teeth that have existing cavities. Gum disease should also be treated first and you will find that your dentist might have some recommendations on the treatments that they would prefer you use. Similarly, if you have very fragile teeth, your dentist will have some advice as to how you should proceed.

You will find that a consultation from a good dentist will help you get issues straightened out and you can get on with the process of having whiter teeth. A dental procedure can be undertaken to whiten your teeth or you may find that there are certain products that are available for your use.

The products that have a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are often recommended for those will weakened teeth so it will not be to rough on your fragile teeth.

Using whitening toothpaste is usually not a great idea if you have weak teeth. Whitening toothpastes have mild abrasives that will scrub the surfaces and this can cause enamel erosion if your enamel is thin; it can even make your teeth look more yellow than they should.

Do not give up hope if your doctor suggests you should avoid the teeth whitening treatment. Remember that changing your lifestyle and your hygiene can make a huge difference when you are thinking about getting your teeth into good shape, and avoiding foods and drinks that stain your teeth can go a long way. When you take care of your teeth by flossing and brushing regularly you will soon see that you are in a great place to get your teeth bright and white