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November 24 2009

How to treat bad breath

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Bad breath, also known as halitosis in medical circles is a condition, which is characterized by unpleasant odors from the mouth.  This occurs when food debris becomes lodged in the gaps between your molars.  Toothbrushes cannot dislodge or penetrate these gaps. 

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 Bad breath comes in many forms but perhaps the most common are morning breath and chronic halitosis.  Morning bad breath is normal after the close to 500 oral bacteria have worked over food materials crammed into the teeth cavities.  Morning breath does not warrant medical attention as it usually disappears after washing up.

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Chronic halitosis is, as the term chronic implies a long term malodorous condition which if not detected early and treated, may continue over a long time.  number of conditions that are at times part of our daily routines or other times genetic.
Food materials crammed in gaps between the teeth and at the back of the tongue cause halitosis.  Alcoholism and smoking, dry mouth conditions, gum problems and medical conditions like scurvy are other causes of chronic halitosis.  The same goes for using other drugs. use in medical purposes also.
that are ingested orally.

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Diagnosis is the first step in treating a condition.  sometimes hard to detect to the carriers because of habituation.  But still, take caution if the company you keep complains.  self-diagnosis works even better.  your tongue with a spoon; put it to your nose.
  It is possible for you to experience nausea. Cup your palms tightly together, exhale into them and then smell.  And there you go!  However, not to worry, halitosis is curable.  Several self-administered remedies exist that you can purchase through the internet and treat yourself with in the comfort of your own home.

Brush your teeth thoroughly and make sure that you use pastes that comprise of an oxidizing agent.  causing anaerobic bacteria operate in oxygen free zones in the mouth.
  Use tongue scrappers to piece the back and bottom zones of your speech and then rinse your mouth methodically.  If you use dentures, brush them in clean water with a toothbrush.  Store them soaked in healthy antiseptic overnight. Some online stores sell mouthwash.  They come packaged a variety of ways.

Anti-bacterial mouthwashes help because they kill anaerobic bacteria; this bacteria leads to bad breath.  Some mouthwashes contain chemicals that neutralize sulfur compounds that can accumulate in your mouth.  Among them are those that are made of the chlorine dioxide compound chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent.  Suddenly oxygen is present in the mouth and it is so unfriendly to anaerobic bacteria.  reduce volatility of sulfur compounds in oral breath.
  The volatile organic compounds found in bad breath are produced by bacteria, which antiseptic mouthwash is intended to kill.

The easy part on curing bad breath (bad breath) is due to the indisputable truth that the program is only a kilobyte away.  you will realize that there is loads of information on bad breath.
As long as you have an online connection, a cure is right at your door.  Do not be shunned again.  Do not remain tight-lipped again, Get clicking, get on line and you are on your way to recovery.