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January 22 2010

How To Stop Bad Breath Immediately

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There is nothing like a strong waft of unbearable odour from the mouth that can completely devastate first impressions like nothing else. Stopping smelly breath? The first step is to figure out if you do have foul breath. You can test how your breath smells by cupping your hands over your mouth and nose and breathing out.

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It’s completely useless for testing how your bad breath smells, and it looks ridiculous and comical. Your nose has become so accustomed to the various smells and odours in your mouth and at the back of the throat that is trying to smell what you exhale almost always is to no avail.

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One simple test that you can do is to lick the back of your hand with your tongue, as far as you can reach. The smell that is on your hand is pretty much what your breath smells like to others. As soon as you have worked out that your breath smells bad, you can start to work out how to stop bad breath.

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What are the cures for Bad Breath?

The first cure involves water. Do you believe that it is effective against bad breath? Water should be drunk as much as possible every day. Flush food out of your mouth and hydrate your mouth which prevents the build up of bacteria.

Most mouthwashes are actually a terrible way to get rid of your bad breath. That is because a lot of mouthwashes contain large amount of alcohol which actually aggravates rather than stop the bad breath. Alcohol makes the mouth dry and this makes it a conducive place for anaerobic bacteria (or bacteria that do not need oxygen to survive) to breed and reproduce in the dark and unreachable places of your mouth.

The problem of bad breath is not fixed with mouthwashes as all they do is mask the smell. In most cases, they only mask the bad breath for a grand total of 10 minutes after each rinse. As such, mouthwashes will not stop bad breath.

If mouthwashes do not work, what does?

The second cure involves a very simple yet highly effective homemade mouthwash is to simply mix salt with warm water and gargle with this instead.

Dentists have a new and special kind of toothpaste that works to stop bad breath at the root of the problem and not just to mask it. Scientists and dentists alike have discovered that bad breath is actually caused by sulphurous particles hidden inside the deep and dark places of the mouth.

These special toothpastes usually contain chemicals like zinc ions which are designed to bond with the sulphurous particles, thereby neutralizing them and eliminating their smells. These new toothpastes are a good way to eliminate the problem of a smelly breath.

Sometimes there is no way to stop bad breath. Due to the physiological composition of your mouth and teeth or due to genetic reasons but sometimes the bad breath will naturally go away by itself without you have to do anything. Even if you do have smelly breath, it is important to realize that the people who matter in your life will value you for who you are, rather than for how your breat smells.

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