Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 09 2011

How to really get rid of bad breath

As suggested by people and write-ups, there are many ways to deal with bad breath: Having a cup of yogurt, brushing twice daily, dental cleaning, using a mouth rinse, and scraping your tongue. But did you know that besides aesthetics, dental restorations, and tooth whitening, a cosmetic dentist now offers a fresh breath treatment as well? This may not seem that big a deal to people, but having bad breath should not be an option for anyone. Our breath says a lot about our hygiene and lifestyle and it’s often times unavoidable as there are many factors causing it: Food, alcohol, cigarettes, sinusitis, stomach acidity, and more. But by visiting a cosmetic dentist, you can actually avail of the Closys II System. It’s a mouth wash with chlorine oxide that breaks down to let out oxygen in the mouth. The oxygen released kills amorphous bacteria and doesn’t just mask the smell like breath mints and other mouth washes. It is unflavored and it leaves no burning sensation the way alcohol-based mouth washes do. Its effect goes on for hours that you can rinse once only the morning if you wish, or as suggested by your cosmetic dentist. It has no after taste and it can be used complementary to other dental care remedies.

Are we assured of the safety of this treatment? We are quite lucky to be able to deal with bad breath in a way better than just dental cleaning and treating the gums. But with the chemicals involved, there’s nothing wrong with questioning the safety of such product. Closys II is FDA-approved in Australia, the U.S., and many other countries. It need not be prescribed by a professional for it to be used. U.S. cosmetic dentist and lecturers continually promote this product today. Your cosmetic dentist or any dental clinic can provide you with the product. And you can use the product at least once daily, preferably in the morning so you will have good smelling breath all day long.