Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 13 2010

How To Prevent Tooth Issues

No person likes having a sore tooth.  The majority of people also don’t like having to visit a dental office since there is a certain amount of fear about the likely pain that one could experience while sitting in the dentist’s chair having their teeth handled.  To avoid both these problems there are some things that you can do to help prevent tooth problems.

The most frequently coached procedure for cleansing teeth is to brush twice daily along with floss.  This is a good starting place to helping stop any teeth problems that could possibly come up.  Even though this is helpful advice that needs to be put into practice there is much more that you can do.  While you can’t always beat genetics which may result in poor teeth for some, it is possible to nonetheless avoid several problems.

Be certain to steer clear of having drinks which might be hard on the teeth.  These would mostly include acids.  The two most favored beverages that have strong acids in them are soda pops as well as orange juice.  If you drink those everyday and allow it to come in contact with your teeth, sooner or later the protective layer may be eaten through by the acid. That might open yourself up to problems.  The best thing to do is by using a straw since it limits the liquid’s contact with the teeth.

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If you have a meal and have food that’s still on the teeth, you need to take it off as quickly as possible.  The reason is that food in touch with teeth will be gradually digesting due to the contact with saliva.  Certain foods such as sugars and carbohydrates can eat away the teeth in the event left on them for several hours.  The quicker you get the teeth clean again, the fewer problems you’ll have in the long run.

In case you have any problems like teeth grinding, get these resolved before you grind off the protective coating.  Your dentist can show you about any jaw or grinding issues that may help you prevent tooth problems.

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