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October 25 2010

How To Eliminate Bad Breath

Many people suffer with bad breath without knowing why. Sometimes they don’t even know that they’ve got it , but most will figure it out through their own efforts or when a close friend or relative informs them. However, j the simple knowledge that you’ve got halitosis  doesn’t tell you why it’s happening or how to get rid of it. Bad breath, aka halitosis, is produced by bacteria in the mouth , but these bacteria can’t be scrubbed out easily and live there in vast numbers. If you’re disposed to bad breath, you may have to put up with it for quite some time as you deal with the underlying issues. Fortunately, halitosis usually doesn’t get terrible just overnight, so it’s usually pretty easy to avoid. However, sudden bad breath can happen and often means that some sort of disease has set in, so it’s important to pay attention.

Bad breath can cause serious social problems on multiple levels. If you’re paranoid about getting it  , the constant watchfulness can undermine your self-confidence.  Should you be unaware of it  , halitosis can cause people to avoid you like the plague without you knowing why. At least, you won’t know why till some kind soul pulls you to the side to tell you. Either way, considering that we must influence people on a consistent basis , halitosis always makes life harder. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is the first step in making sure bad breath isn’t a problem, but it can still get out of control if you don’t watch it.

The main cause of bad breath is sulfur , which is produced by bacteria as part of their natural life process. So, getting rid of bad breath is a twofold process , getting rid of bacteria and getting rid of excess sulfur. If your tongue is any color but pink, then you probably have a colony of sulfur-producing bacteria. There are a couple of different ways to get rid of this colony , but at this point just using a toothbrush probably won’t cut it.  Using a tongue scraper is the easiest and cheapest option. These work better than toothbrushes because they are specially designed to scrape all of the tongue instead of just getting the front part. This sort of bacteria gets or creates a protective coating between itself and the open air, so you’ll probably need to make at least two passes to get rid of all the bacteria.

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Most of the products in the supermarket advertised to combat bad breath only cover it up. Even those mouthwashes that are formulated to work by slaugtering all of the bacteria in the mouth often don’t get the job done because bacteria are protected by that layer of mucus that the product can’t penetrate. However, using one of these mouthwashes in conjunction with a tongue scraper can really be quite effective. To get rid of bad breath on a permanent basis means creating a bacteria-hostile environment in your mouth with good brushing technique and  frequent use of a tongue scraper .

You may be disappointed to know that you’ll be more prone to bad breath as you get older. The cracks and crevices in your mouth get deeper as you age, which means that they are more welcoming to bacteria .  Of course , these enlarged and hard to reach bacterial colonies produce increased halitosis.  Just to make the situation a little worse  , if the bacteria are rampant in your mouth, this leads to greater chances for tooth infection. If you can get your dental hygiene under control as soon as possible,  and keep up the habit throughout your life , then you should be able to keep nice, fresh-smelling breath and, more importantly, all of your teeth.