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May 24 2010

How to Brush Your Teeth Properly

This little report will show the best way to keep your mouth, gums and teeth in the best  condition. Yeah yeah, Mommy  showed  you how, and this is the most basic  thing ever so you can’t get it wrong right?  Wrong!!!

Many people do, even though they are quite adamant  when it comes to brushing their teeth, following the usual twice  a day routine. Chewing gum ads  say that you should preferably brush your teeth after every meal (myth), but since it is quite an effort  for most people, I guess their chewing gum will do the job – how convenient. Twice a day is passable for good dental care , and chewing gum should only be used if you feel your breath pongs  a bit. So, without further rambling, here’s the step by step guide to having a fresh clean mouth.


  1. Keep your toothbrush clean! Bacteria are the main cause of a smelly mouth, so keep your brush in an oral disinfectant when you are not using it. You can get one from the chemist for next to nothing .
  2. Brush your teeth without toothpaste to begin with. This will get all the smelly and gross stuff out. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush before you carry on to the next step.
  3. Use a little bit  of toothpaste (preferably with fluoride) on your brush and begin by first brushing your upper molars at the back. The key is to brush with some of your brush on the gums. This is because most of the plaque sits just underneath your gums.
  4. Work in a clockwise direction all the way round on the exterior of the teeth, top and bottom .
  5. Brush the biting and chewing part of your molars for more or less 30 seconds.
  6. Brush the back of the upper and lower front teeth with the tip of your brush.
  7. Brush your tongue and inside of you cheeks for near 30 seconds.
  8. Rinse your mouth with some water.
  9. Rinse again  with mouth wash.
  10. Feel Awesome and Smell Great!!

There it is, the best way to brush your teeth.

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In the next issue will discuss precisely how to floss   – Yes, there is a technique.

Keep Smiling.