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October 05 2010

How the Candida Spit Test Works

Anyone that has been searching the internet looking for information about their Candida infection will usually end up reading about the Candida Spit Test.

But how do you do it and how effective is it as a diagnostic tool?

The Candida Spit Test is a very easy test that is done in the morning before you eat or drink anything. While it does not give you a definitive diagnosis, it does give an indication of whether a Candida overgrowth could be causing your symptoms.

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To be sure that the Candida was the cause of your symptoms you could then relay the results of this test to your GP, who would then test stool and blood samples to confirm the diagnosis.

What is the Candida Spit Test?

The Candida Spit Test has three stages;
Please make sure that you do this test first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Do not even brush your teeth!.

1. Put clean water into a glass.
2. Spend a minute or two working up a decent amount of saliva then spit into the glass.
3. Check to see what the spit is doing every 15 minutes or so. By the end of an hour you will have a good idea of what the result is.

What Will Happen
There are three scenarios that most people experience.

1. The saliva stays suspended on top.
2. The spittle floats for a while but over the course of the hour it starts to form strings, sink and by the end of the hour there is half still floating at the top and half hanging in the water.
3. The spittle immediately becomes stringy and after the first 15 -20 minutes has settled on the floor of the glass.

How to interpret the results.
The normal understanding is that if the saliva floats then it is a pretty good signal that things is fine,
if the saliva begins to sink then there is a small upset and
if it quickly settles on the base then you should seek further advice as this is well regarded as this a significant signal that there is a Candida imbalance.

What to do then?

Its OK, a bad Candida Spit Test is no excuse to hit the panic button just yet!

The Candida spit test will only give a strong clue whether the fungal overgrowth is creating your symptoms. There are many people who fail this test miserably but who are also completely symptom free! So it is prudent to get a ‘second opinion’.

A second opinion.

As mentioned, you could take these Candida spit test results to your specialist who may do more diagnostic testing.
There are a variety of questionnaires offered through the internet that when used with the Candida spit test result may provide you with a plain picture of what your problem is.
Other internet pages may be full of testimonials that describe problems that you may relate to

Once you are sure that a Candida overgrowth is causing your symptoms;

You need to start a three stage program immediately that will get your infection back under control as soon as possible. This will involve finding out what caused the overgrowth, dealing with your symptoms and putting measures in place to prevent another infection happening.

There are a wide variety of home remedies for a yeast infection that are available that will permanently get rid of your infection, to find out more about these head to