Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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October 05 2010

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?

Smoking, coffee, tea, color imparting foods, medications, they all discolor teeth and these lose their original white color, and because of this reason we are not pleased with our appearance any more.

We all have naturally yellow teeth, some less and some more, and some want to go whiter than that. Even the fact that naturally yellow color means healthy teeth, they desire to change it.

Over the last few years many new whitening agents have arrived to the market, which will effectively deal with tooth discoloration. Fundamentally there are two groups of whitening agents: mechanical and chemical.

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Mechanical solutions work on the principal of abrasion (for example whitening toothpastes), which means they contain abrasive particles that mechanically deal with yellowness and remove stains from most outer layer of tooth . Bad side of these products is that with stains they also remove top layer of enamel, which will get thinner each time we use these products. Another flaw is, discoloration that lies inside the tooth cannot be treated that way.

On the other site, there are teeth whitening systems that work chemically. With these we can also remove inner discoloration at which enamel does not get thinner. Carbamide or hydrogen peroxide is used as a main factor in these bleaches.

For process to be completed as fast as possible, special laser light (usually argon) is used. Laser is designed to filter through only useful wavelengths and not those that introduce too much heat, and consecutively induce tooth dehydration which leads to increased tooth sensitivity during and after bleaching process.

Dentists can use best teeth whitening products with best laser technology, yet still, slight dehydration of the tooth is unavoidable. That why it is important for a patient that for at least 48 hours after the process does not eat or drink or use color imparting substances (like coffe, cigarettes, wine, tea… since teeth start to rehydrate themselves at that time and mentioned things (as well some foods like carrots, beetroot and such) could immediately discolor teeth again.