Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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September 28 2010

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost And What Treatment To Choose

Beautiful bright teeth, the key to a magical smile and a wish of every individual who puts something on his appearance. Best teeth whitening products promise miracles and lure people in to buy them with many marketing gimmics. But, is teeth whitening healthy, safe and recommended for our teeth? Is it worthy?

Before bleaching it is necessarily to check If our teeth really need whitening. Main ingredient in bleaches is peroxide, which slightly damages most outer layer of the tooth. This preparation removes organic matrix from the surface of the tooth which therefore changes the structure of enamel. Because of this change on the surface, teeth appear whiter. Whitening is not recommended to carry through too many times as it will damage tooth enamel which in fact is being dissolved by peroxide.

The distinctions among one and another teeth whitening system are pretty small. With all methods, bleach containing peroxide is applied to the surface of the teeth for about half an hour, thereupon oricess gets repeated.

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Special argon lights are used these days, but this only speeds up oxidation and also psychologically affects patients. There are usually also heat methods used.

Shops are full of products for teeth whitening. Every other bleaching toothpaste is promising to be the best teeth whitening product. Those products really do contain small amounts of peroxide and abrasive particles which brush stains from most outer layer of the tooth. Everyday usage of whitening toothpaste is not recommended at all as it may damage your teeth and cause too much sensitivity over time – use it maximaly once per week.

Cheap teeth whitening products you can get for your at-home treatment are the same as those that dentists use only that solutions for home procedure are of lower concentration of peroxide. It is important to be very careful with home methods or stay away from them, because this procedure is not supervised and things can more easily go the wrong path.

Teeth whitening is not everlasting procedure. In coffe, tea, wine, colas and all the things we eat and drink every day there are particles wich discolour our teeth. Colour of our teeth is also genetically inborn and stays that way our whole life regardless if we whiten them or not.

Teeth whitening is therefore harmful as it changes the structure of our teeth regardless of choosen treatment. It is up to you, and how badly you want to have whiter teeth, to go through this or not.