Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 18 2010

How I Get White Teeth

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You should always consider teeth whitening whenever you think of making your smile more intense and pretty. It is a very quick and secure process and it changes discolored, yellow teeth to a whiter smile. Once you know your requirement and budget, there are a number of options available to choose from in the field of teeth whitening. This article will provide an overview of the various processes available so you can choose the best one for you. Visit this site for further information on great teeth whitening sydney.


Teeth whitening is not a process which can be used for preventions. It is used on teeth that have already suffered some discoloration due to products like coffee, tea and cigarettes. Its effectiveness will surely increase when there is good quantity of teeth enamel present and can be worked with. It has no influence on the color of veneers, crowns and other such dental works. In case you have any dental work, you must speak to your dentist regarding a professional whitening procedure to avoid multicolored teeth.

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The earlier conception was that teeth whitening only worked for stains that were present on the teeth surface. Profound stains which originated from reasons like ageing, trauma or medicines will in no way react to the treatment. On the other hand, today dentists are also looking for more effective techniques to turn such stains white. Stains which have gone deep in the teeth should normally be treated with the best possible teeth whitening process which can be selected with the help of the dentist.


At present there are two kinds of teeth whitening processes present. Bleaching is a process where the shade of teeth is made whiter than it normally is. Such products have chemicals like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. This teeth whitening product kind is the most preferred one in the market today. You will gain a deeper understanding about sydney teeth whitening by checking out that resource.


Whitening products simply remove dirt and debris from the surface of the teeth for a cleaner, whiter smile. They themselves actually do not alter the color of teeth. Whitening of teeth is done by using them is a very typical claim of the various products like the toothpastes. So many bleaching agents today are sold with the claim that they are whitening products and this kind of claim helps their sales increase. You need to go through the list of ingredients of the product you like and find whether or not it has bleaching agent for optimum results.


One of the most favored choices for budget conscious choice is that of the teeth whitening kit available without prescription. these kits are usually sold at affordable prices and are available at maximum grocery shops and drug stores. The strips in these teeth whitening kits can fit over teeth and they must be worn daily for some amount of time. Till the time you are wearing the strip, the bleaching agent in it will work on your teeth. Positive results will be maintained only when these kits are repeated within small gaps of time and they need time to show results too.


You can also ask your dentist to give you home bleaching kits. If you want good results that last longer, always buy the professional kits which cost more than the kits available over the counter. This whitening process is worn longer than the over the counter varieties. Majority of them need to be worn for an hour whereas the remaining needs to be all through the night to be able to get the optimum results. Mouth guard is what this tray in which the bleaching agent is placed looks like and it is kept on for some fixed duration every single day.


The dentist’s office can also be used for professional bleaching to be done quickly and effectively with the help of a variety of tools and products. The time period for which the highly concentrated peroxide gel is kept on teeth during the process can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Protection of gums from the bleaching agent is very important as the concentration of formula is very high. For some people, the desired results will be visible in one session only. More follow up sessions may be needed to get rid of obstinate marks and restore the desired teeth color.


Today a very famous cosmetic procedure is that of teeth whitening and that is because it is so quick and so efficient. The process is done easily and not many side effects are caused by the ingredient bleaching agents. It will not make much difference if you choose the over the counter whitening process or the professional one from the dentist, your smile will surely get whiter.