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February 09 2010

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

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A comparatively new teeth whitening system is known as the laser teeth whitening. In circumstances where customary brushing, flossing and other means of dental hygiene don´t work, teeth whitening treatment is employed.

In due course, because of the foods we eat and liquids we drink, the enamel of teeth tends to erode. Tooth enamel erodes heavily due to sugars and starches like the modern American diet, also to include are the drinks which contain lots of citric acid and the carbonated ones.

In fact, the substance that coats our teeth and put off teeth from decaying is our tooth enamel. And another method used to get rid of the built-up stains and plaque is the laser teeth whitening.

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The Process of Laser Teeth Whitening

Primarily, with conventional devices like pricks, teeth are scraped well. In this way, laser teeth whitening will do less work during the process. Second, lightly applied to the teeth near the gum line is the coating of hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching agent.

This is just a preparation for the actual laser procedure. Then a slightly heavier coat of chemical-based gel is put on the teeth after the first coating of peroxide for laser teeth whitening.

The laser can perform better and much plaque can be removed with the help of this gel. The actual laser is the final step in laser teeth whitening; it works in collaboration with the gel and peroxide and the whole procedure consumes roughly an hour.

But the result is excellent; laser teeth whitening will be able to whiten teeth by up to 10 shades.

Though it seldom happens, there is the possibility however that laser can damage teeth most especially if your teeth are sensitive. Laser teeth whitening works best if the process is repeatedly done several times.

But the probability that laser teeth whitening can have negative reaction on teeth, individual with sensitive teeth are therefore advised to carry out the entire treatment in one session to keep away from using the gel.

Depending on which system to be used, laser teeth whitening can cost you around 300 to 2000 dollars.

Laser teeth whitening have a long term effect and a good process in cleaning teeth. The procedure can be done either quickly or slowly based on your own preferences.

But make sure not to rely much on this treatment while not disregarding the importance of good hygiene habits.

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