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April 22 2011

How do you know you need a root canal?

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So your tooth is aching pretty badly that you can’t even concentrate on the work that you’re doing. It might be your tooth is just rotten. You go to the dentist and he says you need to have a root canal. Sounds terrifying? Not so much. The root canal is a dental method that fixes and saves the tooth that is infected.  The pulp and nerves would be taken out and the inner part of the tooth would be cleaned and sealed. Without the root canal, the teeth surrounding might be affected and can cause puss which can lead to more damage. The root canal is the area between the tooth which is called a pulp chamber and its connection to the root. The pulps stand as receivers to food, sensation that directs to the brain and also passageways for blood vessels. The question now is, why does this tooth decay?

The nerve and the pulp get inflamed because of various causes. This may be from trauma, chipping of teeth, large fillings and consecutive dental procedures. One indication is when your tooth is hurting and you cannot take a bite off a cake, then you have to go through the procedure asap. It can also be because of the awful pain due to cold or hot food/drinks, discoloring of the teeth, and swelling of the gums.

Root canal is not a quick procedure. You may have to come in and out of the of office depending on extremity of the disease. You may have to go to a specialized doctor that concentrates on the disease that you may have on some special cases. It depends on the x-ray that you will be having on how the tooth is infected and its surrounding area. Once the dentist finally came up with the diagnosis, he/se will give you anesthesia to start the procedure. The dentist will now drill a hole in the middle of the infected tooth and will be cleaned off along with the damaged nerve tissue, bacteria etc.  Root canal files are used to clean off this debris. It digs deeper to the hole to scrape off walls in the canal until it is clean. It digs deeper in the tooth to scratch off the walls of the canal until it is clean.

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Some people feel the pain or it’s like have a filling replaced. So it’s best, after the session, to grab you some pain relievers to help ease the pain.