Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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January 26 2010

Homemade teeth whitening – Guide on how to do it

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Food substances like tea, black coffee, wine and soda have the power of staining your white teeth.  Showing the stained teeth, every time you grin might be mortifying.  The enhancement in the province of medical sciences has led the dentists and chemists to introduce numerous teeth lightening products and procedures.  But you definitely have to shell out thousands of bucks, to whiten the tooth at professional clinic using latest laser treatment. 

Fortunately , you can make use of the homemade teeth whitening recipes that are typically used by people, at the comfort of their home.  It may the excellent alternative choice to any commercial kits and products.  Typically, the recipes of homemade teeth whitening does not include something exclusive, but every raw material is readily available at your neighborhood.  This is an article aiding to make homemade teeth whitening gel, which is sort of economical.

– The active ingredient is Hydrogen peroxide, which can erase any kind of hard stains and it also kills the damaging bacteria causing plaque in your teeth.  Homemade teeth whitening gels can hold the 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is quiet enough. 

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– Take sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, as the second main ingredient.  It has amazing antiseptic properties, along with the power to remove stains.  Further, including baking soda in the homemade teeth whitening gel will neutralize acidic nature of the mix.

Procedure concerned
– Pour some glycerin drops into it.
– Include two tablespoons of the key ingredient, hydrogen peroxide within the water. 
– Wet your toothbrush in the solution of hydrogen peroxide.
– Apply the paste which you made with baking soda on your toothbrush.
– While brushing, guarantee to wet your toothbrush with the solution of hydrogen peroxide, intermittently.

As the life-style has get busy and there isn’t any time to get appointment with the dentist solely to bleach the teeth, people find this homemade teeth whitening gel to be the ideal option.  It is easy to use and further, it is highly cost-effective, as if you visit the dentist, for every visit or appointment, you need to pay 0.