Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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June 11 2010

Home Teeth Whitening Products

As we are adults, we often get in positions where we are forced to cover our mouth with hands or stop smiling, not because we wouldn’t be happy, but because we try to avoid showing our yellow teeth to the public. In the past decade, the number of laser teeth whitening methods, home solutions and other in-office and home whitening methods have increased rapidly. There are many causes of yellow and stained teeth and it can be very helpful to know the cause so you can choose the right treatment for your teeth.

There are many different home and dental teeth whitening options to whiten teeth and they are dependant on the cause of the stains and magnitude of stains. Ideal individuals for teeth whitening are those with healthy, unrestored teeth and gums. Those with yellow tones to their teeth respond best.

But it is not recommended for everyone to get this dental procedure . It is not recommended for individuals with sensitive teeth and allergies, gum disease, cavities, worn enamel and exposed roots, etc.

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Most common treatments are bleaching toothpastes, dental cleanings, in-office procedures, at-home treatments and getting veneers. In-office teeth whitening is an effective procedure to whiten teeth, but it can cost a lot and it usually takes a long time to complete with treatment. The most popular procedure to whiten teeth is laser whitening. The whole process consists of the application of a peroxide gel put on your teeth, while it takes an hour to sit in the chair and laser light which is usually argon shines on the paste which creates chemical reactions with the peroxide and finishes the process as fast as possible. You pay fat $500 – $1000 bill, but you sure get good dental treatment.

Professionals are of the opinion that home teeth whitening products are as effective as dental treatments, while beeing more convenient and cheaper . You can usually achieve pretty much the same effect at your home, as it would be achieved in office at the dentist. Many types exist: brush-on teeth whitening which has too many flaws and is not recommended, whitening strips, the better but still not the best method, and trays with bleaching gels which is the best type to choose from.

Most common side effects are temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and irritations of the soft tissues of the mouth, for example gums. Both of these conditions usually stops one to three days after completing treatment. Dental teeth whitening is usually about $500 – $1000. Laser procedures are more or less over $1000. Professionaly dispensed take-home whitening kits cost $100 to $400. Products for your home use cost from $50 to $100.  Stores, kiosks and stands are between $50 and $150 per procedure, but this kind of undergoing is not recommended as they are usually done by unprofessional staff.