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September 26 2010

Holistic Dental Practice and Your Health

So what is all the hubbub about holistic dentistry about anyhow?   In all likelihood,   you’ve encountered information regarding the debate over mercury fillings and your overall health.  Some dentists seem to be dead set against mercury amalgam fillings , while the American Dental Association and some of its members have continued to insist metal fillings are perfectly safe .

Which of the two sides in this argument is right?   And is going to a holistic dental practice worth paying more , in terms of filling material and other associated expenses?  At various Santa Monica dentistry offices , you will find doctors with differing points of view on the issue.  Mainstream dentistry still holds that the mercury in the fillings is completely safe and that studies bear this out , a lot of holistic dentists continue to believe the opposite .

There is another facet to amalgam fillings that is frequently unnoticed:  while the silver amalgam in fillings is a strong material, some dentists claim that it does tend to separate from the teeth over time, with minuscule cracks forming in the fillings, thus leading to decay and eventually deeper cavities, and, eventually a possible root canal .

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Many of the plastic or composite white fillings are not any better though .  In fact, they can be worse , and when placed in larger fillings, decay can form around their margins and require refilling in a few years.  OK, well, if the tooth colored fillings aren’t a solution, what is ?

Fortunately, there is an answer .  It involves regular dental visits and the latest in dental technology , including dental lasers and digital x-rays.  If you eliminate decay early, you keep if from spreading and forming larger cavities .  This is the method used at select Santa Monica dentistry practices , and it is perhaps the best of both worlds – stopping you from having to get ever-larger fillings and cutting dental costs in the process .

So be sure your dentist offers the latest in dental technology, and be sure to keep up with his recommended schedule of regular cleanings and check ups .  This is, quite simply, the best way to ensure you have great dental health and, accordingly , great overall health for life.  After all, healthy teeth and gums have been associated with lower rates of heart disease and even some cancers .  So maintain your dental health and search out a dentist that takes a more holistic approach.