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January 08 2011

Hints for Dealing with Teeth Grinding During Your Sleep

Techniques for Contending with Teeth Grinding During Sleep

Nobody desires to grind their teeth when they are asleep, although, the whole dilemma is that you because you are not conscious you don’t realize it. It is when your dental fillings start to come out, your teeth become worn down and loose, in which your dentist begins to think there is an issue. While there is no simple remedy for teeth grinding in your sleep, there are some strategies for effectively healing it and we’ll be going over some of these here.

Behavior therapy is one of the many effective types of therapy that are available to treat this problem. The therapist can teach you how to relax your teeth and jaw, plus how paying attention to your stress levels during the day can affect this. It is a common trait among teeth grinders, to carry their tension during the day in this area also. Retraining yourself to let go of the tension in this area is what therapy can aid with. Hopefully, while you are sleeping your body will then retain this technique and you will no longer grind your teeth. Remember, that this will take time and patience on your part, to watch your body and how it reacts and to work with the therapist. It is, however, worth it if you find that it’s an effective way to get over teeth grinding when sleeping.

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Another possible cause of teeth grinding is a dental problem or misalignment of your jaw, and in this case a medical procedure may be necessary. A few people who have TMJ also grind their teeth, but they also develop earaches and headaches along with it. There are various treatments that a specialist can recommend, however, in severe cases surgery is needed to change the structure of the jaw. This is usually a measure of last resort, however. In the end, most teeth grinding cases are related to psychological factors like stress, and only a few cases where the structure of the jaw is the issue.

A fanatical method for getting yourself to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep is to take a muscle relaxant before you lay down to go to sleep. By allowing your body to loosen up, particularly the jaw muscles, you might be able to successfully end your grinding practices. Of course, there are some low points to this, one of which is to become addicted to these meds. You should also elude these drugs during the day, due to the fact that they can make it unsafe to drive and cause you to be sleepy at work and during usual activities. From time to time, muscle relaxants are suggested during brief moments, such as after you’ve gotten some dental work done, so you don’t end up grinding your teeth and messing up the work that was done. You should only think about this if your physician has recommended it and when other techniques for taking care of teeth grinding while sleeping have failed.

In general, teeth grinding when you sleep is a difficult problem because it is done unconsciously. And the support isn’t there until you’re been doing it for quite some time, when it has become an entrenched tendency. Nonetheless, there are strategies to overcome it if you are pushy, like the ones we’ve reviewed in this article. Just remember that teeth grinding may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause you lots of grief when you have to visit the dentist.

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