Is Home Teeth Whitening the Best Bleaching Choice for You?

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May 19 2010

High Dental Cost Can Be Avoided Is You Maintain Your Teeth During Difficult Times.

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Even when the economy is lousy, you should still be able to maintain good dental health. Many dental problems that can lead to high dental bills can be prevented through proper hygiene at home. Brushing your teeth should take a minimum of two minutes. Always choose fluoride toothpaste. A lot of people forget the crucial piece of the regimen: flossing. It’s critical to brush and floss two times each day. These simple steps of basic hygiene can save you thousands of dollars in health care bills over a lifetime. Visit this site for further information on braces glebe sydney.


Studies show that a healthy mouth and a healthy body are interconnected. Gum disease, for instance, has been known for many years to be associated with diabetes.  But did you know that that it can also significantly increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, and other infections? A commitment now to good dental care can only benefit you in the long run. Remember, too, that the foods you consume contribute largely to the health of your teeth and gums. It is proven that food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar are horrible for your teeth. Think about swapping to a healthy diet.

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Smoking has a tremendously negative effect on oral health. Stained teeth is a side effect that many smokers experience, as well as an increase in the risk of oral cancer and more severe gum disease. Smoking changes the vascularity of the tissues giving it a pale grey appearance and slowing healing. The bacteria that cause gum disease also thrive in that environment, which can cause the teeth to degenerate even farther. Patients have struggled with gum disease until the day they quit smoking then it just went away.


It is helpful that dental insurance will usually pay several thousand towards your dental costs, although sometimes, this isn’t enough. Dental insurance is often wasted, as a fairly minimal portion of the population actually uses it. When there is a significant amount of dental work to be performed, your dentist may suggest the work be scheduled over a several year period. This reduces the amount you pay out of pocket and makes the best use of your dental benefits. Naturally, the first thing that needs to be done is having your entire mouth examined and then deciding how to systematically make any improvements that are necessary, keeping in mind that it will take time to get finished with all of them. Go to this site for further information on sydney orthodontist.


Your health insurance benefits are another matter to consider, as well as your job itself. Dentists are seeing patients weekly who’ve lost their job and subsequently their benefits. The patient comes in and they have numerous issues in need of attention, yet they now have no coverage. There may be a lot of red tape, deadlines and various expenses involved. The fact that retirement is approaching is an issue for a number of patients. The positive aspects of retirement are, for many people, tempered by the realities of less money coming in and limited benefits. Medicare plans do not offer dental benefits. If you need some dental work now, get it done well BEFORE you retire to have greater oral health, and to take full advantage of your dental coverage before it’s no longer available to you!


Doing this gives you a better shot at keeping your teeth healthy–and keeping your teeth, period–for many years after retirement. It’s important for you to schedule regular checkups for as long as you’re able. Even if you have lost your teeth and been fitted with dentures, you should still visit the dentist annually to have the dentures checked for proper fit and the health of your mouth inspected. The health of the mouth is comprised of other things besides the teeth and gums.


If you can take care of small problems in a timely way, you will get the most out of your insurance. Typically, dental insurance covers only a part of the dentist’s fee for a procedure, depending on what that is. For instance, when you have an x-ray, a cleaning, your teeth sealed, or an exam it is considered preventive and most insurance will cover that 100%. Coverage is usually in the 80% range for the more involved procedures like fillings, tooth extractions and special cleanings. You can expect no more than half coverage for involved procedures such as creating and fitting dentures, putting in crowns, and the construction and installation of bridges. So you see, even your dental plan is encouraging you to get to the dentist EARLY! Insurance companies operate on the premise that it is much less costly for them to practice good prevention, and correct problems as early as possible.