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January 26 2010

Hey, Watch That Mouth of Yours!

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Dental disease, particularly those affecting the gums, is no laughing matter. Many adults find themselves at risk for tooth loss. Not only that. Social problems also arise as bad breath and ulcers on the gums add on to the burden.

The onset of this type of disease can be caused by a number of factors. Just a heads up, though, especially for women. Women seems to have many more opportunities to be at a risk for gum disease as puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and post-menstrual periods all increase the sensitivity and vulnerability of their gums.

If you are a woman, what is your bestchance to keep gum disease at bay? While you can visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning, it is not advisable that you have any major treatment during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby is very much at risk especially since oral bacteria can get into the bloodstream and affect your baby. The second trimester is usually recommended for such oral treatments.

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Othes population groups who wish to reduce their overall risks need to cut back on activities such as smoking. Regular prophylaxis can also help especially when it comes to reaching through pockets of plaque in the gums that cannot be reached by brushing and flossing alone. A screening to determine whether you are likely to get gum disease due to hereditary factors is a must as those predisposed to this disease will usually find that good oral hygiene is not enough. 
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