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July 27 2010

Health Tips for Women – TMJ Pain Relief

If you’re joints are feeling abnormally stiff and are having jaw and ear pain along with headaches chances are you are suffering from temporomandibular disorder also known as TMJ. Besides grinding your teeth, TMJ can be caused by stress, anxiety and fatigue, affecting more women than men, especially during their child bearing years and you may be seeking some TMJ relief.

It seems more and more women today are becoming conscience of their lifestyles and want to incorporate time for relaxation, rest, proper diet and exercise. Given the fact that stress can be a factor for developing TMJ, women have to manage their time to be able to deal with balancing motherhood and a career. Reducing stress levels along with incorporating TMJ exercises can bring relief to women that suffer from this disorder.

Here are some good health tips for women to help get TMJ pain relief and for women in general that have to do it all and stay healthy and happy.

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Taking calcium is vital to a woman’s diet. This can be done by drinking three servings of milk daily, eating yogurt and also following up with a calcium supplement. When a woman is in her thrities her bones may stop growing and when she reaches her forties she is most likely to lose bone density, therefore making it important to have a good calcium reserve. You can raise your intake of calcium by eating leafy green vegetables, fish and other foods that are not dairy yet high in calcium.

Be assured to get enough sleep as studies have shown that women should not be deprived of rest and sleep. Try to avoid stress before going to bed and also avoid high levels of vitamin C, sugar and caffeine. To help you get a good night sleep, you may want to try some herbal tea, warm milk or a relaxing hot bath.

Along with doing TMJ exercises, find things that are relaxing and enjoyable for you if regular exercise and running seem too strenuous. Gardening is a great way to relax and get appropriate exercise as well from all the lifting and bending that is required. When you do gardening and take care of shrubs or flowers, it can be very relaxing and soothing to the nerves.