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September 15 2010

Health Insurance Woes In America…

I think it is very interesting how there is very little discussion around the rediculous costs of health insurance in the United States today.

Whether you consider general health insurance or you consider dental health insurance in the US, the costs are a bit rediculous. For example the cost of a gum graft may be about $800 but even with dental insurance, you may still pay $300 to $500. So, what is the point of having this insurance?

It seems that the health insurance companies in America are very, very interested in collecting your money when you are healthy. On the other hand, does it not seem that they will do everything in their power to avoid paying out legitimate claims when they come in?

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I spoke to one man who told me his wife is very sick. As a result of her health problems, their insurance costs them $2500 per month. Yes, you read that correctly, twenty-five hundred dollars per month is what I wrote.

Insurance companies should not have the right to jack up rates that high. The majority of people could not afford such high costs for insurance. What happens to them? They either go uninsured or they get dumped in to the social medicare / medicaid system. In the later case, the American taxpayer is burdened with paying for the cost of care.

Meanwhile fat-cat insurance companies succeed in taking in all the money they can while paying out as little as possible. And that is truly disgusting. Yes, we do need health care reform. It is very important.There are too many individuals and families who hit high deductibles or ‘lifetime limits’ (which should not even exist!) .

It would be cool if we had a government agency that did some ‘secret shopping’ to insure that both medical / dental professionals and insurance companies are not taking advantage of the consumer. This is because many consumers still blindly accept treatment plans that might make no sense to another trained professional. We have to find ways to protect an innocent public from getting (further) raked over the coals!