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March 30 2011

Halitosis, Dealing it Naturally

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You can always treat halitosis naturally by identifying what you can do that is causing your bad breath. Some people do not aware that certain habits can cause bad breath and then they wonder why they can’t seem prevent the symptoms of bad breath. If you are doing something that is causing bad breath then all you have to do is quit, which is good news.

Stay away from Alcohol

It would not be surprising if you do have bad breath when you are drinking a lot of alcohol. Alcohol can dry your mouth badly which leads to bad breath and directly causing bad breath. How much dosage of alcohol you are allowed to drink and still lower the risk of having bad breath? It is a maximum of one or two drinks.

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Stay away from Coffee

People often like to drink coffee to start their morning but this may not a good idea. Coffee could be contributing to your bad breath symptoms while enjoying the caffeine jolt in the morning. Avoid drinking coffee if you want to treat your halitosis naturally.

Stop Accumulating Foods With Strong Odors

In two ways, food with strong odors can give you halitosis. They leave particles in your mouth that allow their odors to linger that way which is the first thing might happen. Second, after it will digest in your system and move through your blood stream until their odors are carried back to your lungs. If this happens, you will be able to breathe the odor of the food which totally left in your system.

Stay away from Low Carb Diets

The most popular side effect of low carb diets is bad breath. Now depends on how low your carbs, but if you have symptoms of bad breath and have that kind of diet you should try to eat more carbohydrates. It will be enough to treat your halitosis naturally.

Quit from Smoking

It is known that smoking can cause bad breath. Quit from smoking if you want to get rid of bad breath. It is much for everything.

Exercise Natural Oral Hygiene

The best way to treat halitosis naturally is practicing the OraMD 4-Step Oral Hygiene Program. The program uses natural ingredients to help you brush, floss, and gargle to achieve healthy oral hygiene. The naturally clean and healthy mouth is a mouth with pleasant breath.