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May 08 2011

Gum Recession: Factors Behind this Type of Dental Problem

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The common reason for receding gums is injury done for the gum line surrounding the teeth. An example of this really is due to vigorous and also over brushing or brushing with a toothbrush that have very hard bristles. It is fortunate for all of us these days as there are tooth brushes created using a softer kind of material. A first step to stopping gum recession is as simple as switching to a softer bristled toothbrush.

Another possible cause of gum recession is Bruxism or higher commonly known as teeth grinding which affects both children and adults. As new teeth enter into their mouth, children grind their teeth to help keep an even bite. For adults who grind their teeth, this is due to stress. An individual who regularly grinds their teeth will over time experience gum recession because of the stress. It really is most recommended you instantly seek a dentist’s opinion to deliver you additional information about giving you better oral health.

Many people are more prone to have receding gums simply because they have very thin and fragile gums especially in the lower region in the front teeth. This case usually occurs whenever a tooth overlaps towards the adjacent tooth that causes thin gum tissues around the front. The jaw bone also becomes very thin or might be absent under the gums. Using the lack of bone support beneath the gum tissue, the teeth will slowly drop. The force caused by chewing food and brushing will help with the process of recession. For these types of cases, the dentist may require for you to have orthodontic braces to realign tooth.

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The misplacement of your small muscle called the frenum is cited as the second reason that cause receding gums on lower front teeth. The frenum is connected from the inside of your lower lip on the gum tissue between the two lower front teeth. In the event the frenum is misplaced, it tugs on the edge of the gum tissue until it actually starts to pull it down from your tooth each and every time the lower lip moves. To reduce receding gums naturally, consultation from a dentist is needed.

If you have a tooth extracted i really enjoy seeing, the level of bone never grows to the full height that existed in the event the tooth was still intact. The functioning tooth is required to stimulate and gaze after the full height of bone around it. Without your tooth, the level of bone can be reduced in height on the teeth next to where the tooth was extracted.